The Philippines is more FUN-TASTIC

After the botched Pilipinas Kay Ganda tourism campign which led to the resignation of Usec. Enteng Romano and eventually the exit of Sec. Alberto Lim, now comes the most awaited and most anticipated tourism campaign. Under the helm of the current Tourism Sec. Mon Jimenez and created by award winning ad agency BBDO Guerrero, DOT launched last week the new campaign “Its More Fun In The Philippines”.

After knowing it, my first reaction was, is it the one we’ve waited for quite sometime? I’ll admit the new brand didn’t appeal to me that much, comparing to the very catchy and easy to promote WOW Philippines. Added to the non-excitement was the surfacing of a 61 years old It’s More Fun in Switzerland campaign which caused other people  to put holes on the new branding for its originality.

But after reading/knowing the reason behind the new brand from Sec. Mon Jimenez himself, I realized why not give it a try and it suddenly sink-in to me that hey our country and our people is really fantastic, thus making it really more fun in here.

The new branding may be a little more different with the common one-word adjectives like Amazing Thailand, Incredible India and others, but as what Steve Jobs said we must “Think Differently”. I think the DOT intentionally thought of shying away from the usual campaigns of other Asian countries to promote that we are more than the usual tourist destination in Asia. And I will give credit to that because one way of promoting something is to offer new things because people often caters more to the new and the unusual as it draws curiosity and rave.

But in every changes there will always be nay sayers. After the launch of the new tourism brand several people shared their disappointments and even bashed the slogan relating it to some of the unfortunate events happening in our country. Slogans like “Kidnapping is more fun in the Philippines”, “Snatchers and Pick Pockets are more fun in the Philippines” among others. They even said it’s a waste of money for tourism campaign just like that. Yes criticisms are ok as long as its intention is to uplift something. But to criticize just for the sake of downplaying it and creating negativity is unacceptable. We are not a perfect country, we have our flaws and problems but bashing our own just to prove you’re more intelligent or more brilliant than others is in-appropriate.

Good thing there are more people who appreciates the new campaign and are now helping the DOT to move forward. Social media supporters of the campaign are outnumbering and dissolving those who do not. And this is what DOT aimed for, collective efforts of people to promote our country because it is us Filipinos who are our nation’s brand. We have a lot of tourist spots to boast for, but our edge really is our warmth and unique Pinoy nature towards visitors. And that’s what makes us more FUN-TASTIC so we can really say to the world, come visit us because It’s More Fun In The Philippines.

“If there is tourism, there is a job for every Filipino” – Sec. Mon Jimenez (Dept of Tourism)


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