Day 9 of still UNPREPARED and MIS-MANAGED prosecution (Corona Impeachment Trial)

After more than 2 weeks of the trial, the prosecution still cannot seem to get their acts together. Evident by the mis-management of handling their direct examination to their own witness during today’s trial.  Presiding Judge Senate President Enrile and defense lead counsel Serafin Cuevas seemed lecturing the prosecution counsel on how to conduct direct examination to his witness because it seemed the prosecutor is impeaching their own.

Seating in the witness stand that day was MegaWorld Senior Vice President for Marketing and Sales Noli Hernandez who seemingly transformed as a witness of the defense instead of the prosecution by the way he was asked. Several times that the counsel of the prosecution Atty. Joemar Perez was cautioned by the presiding judge because he’s gearing towards cross examining his witness instead of direct examination. To which found out later that they were not able to confer with Mr. Hernandez before he was presented. During his testimony Hernandez said that the 40% “Corona Discount” on the Bellagio condo unit was brought by the damage in the unit caused by a typhoon and not through any favor.

The trial adjourned it’s day 9 with only 1 witness being presented but noted also during that day is Sen. Villar who as a real state businessman stood and explained that indeed discounts can be possibly given to a buyer due to economic or any undue circumstances. The day also took long time with clarifications and questions from the Senator-Jurors who can’t seem to hide their irate on some topics which kept on repeating.

I hope prosecution will level up their strategy and be more diligent in acquiring and handling their witnesses and evidences because they might loose a good case just because they’re “too lazy” to study the case at hand.


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