Kyle Imao is the 1st Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition Grand Winner

After months of competing inside a lavish and classy kitchen, Junior Master Chef Pinoy’s 1st Grand Champion was announced today in a “LIVE” Cook-off Grand Finale. Held at the Treston International College in Bonifacio Global City, the final 4 kiddie cooks show off their skills and prowess over the kitchen and in front of a live audience including their families. Mika Tanaka, Jobim Jalbuena, Phillip Amarillo and Kyle Imao battle it off to impress and get the nod of the judges including the show’s resident chefs, Chef Lau, Chef Japyps, Chef Fern , the host Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and the famous Chef Glenda Rosales-Barretto of Via Mare.

The final score of the finalist were taken from 2 cooking challenges. The first challenge was done before the finals night, where the final four were tasked to cook a dish within the limited budget of 300 pesos. Their dishes were judged by Juday and the 4 resident chefs together with 100 guests from different walks of life and the scores from that challenge were added to the live-cook off challenge.

The second and final challenge on the other hand was done during today’s live cook-off. The kids were tasked to cook their dream dishes within the limited time of 30 minutes. At the end of the allotted time, the judges then scored the final four’s last master dishes. And after the scores were tallied, the judges announced Jobim Jalbuena as the 4th placer with the average score of 73.4 pts thus getting 250,000php in cash and 500,000php worth of culinary scholarship from Treston International College. The 3rd place with the score of 84 points was given to Mika Tanaka who won the same cash prize and scholarship like Jobim. Phillip Amarillo of Cebu (who I’m rooting to win) scored 91.1 points got the 2nd prize of 500,000php cash and 1.5 million pesos culinary scholarship also from Treston College. And with the score of 91.8 points Kyle Imao of Marikina was proclaimed the 1st ever Pinoy Junior Master Chef Grand Winner. He won for himself 1 million pesos in cash and 1.5 million worth of scholarship from Treston College.

It was really nice to see this kids fulfilling their dreams. That despite their young age they already know what they love to do and what they want to pursue in life. Congratulations to the show’s staffs, hosts and especially to all the kids who have participated in making the 1st ever Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition a resounding success.


“Kids with ambition are kids with vision, and achieving their ambition means they’re right on their vision”


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