West Beats the East (NBA All Star 2012)

After the boring and non-spectacular All Star Saturday Night at the Amway Arena in Orlando Florida, All Star Sunday game between the East and the West was an entertaining one. Western All Stars were bannered by Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers, Blake Griffin of the LA Clippers, Kevin Durant of OKC Thunders, Chris Paul of LA Clippers and Andrew Bynum also from LA Lakers. The Easter All Stars on the other hand were led by Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James of Miami Heat, Dwight Howard of the hose Orlando Magic, Carmelo Anthony of New York Knicks and Dwyane Wade of Miami Heat.

Early on, the West totally overpowered the East by getting large margin on their scores. The first half ended with West up by 19 in an 88-69 score. During the 2nd half especially the latter part of the game, the East had a great run to close the gap to 1 point with 38 seconds remaining in the 4th quarter at the score of 148-147. But it was Griffin’s dunk and a free throw that gave the West the 3 point lead which was tried to be counter by a 3-pointer by Wade which was missed. And that ended the game with West winning over the East by 3 points at 152-149.

Kevin Durant with 36 points was named the All Star MVP. It was also a history for Kobe Bryant as he passed Michael Jordan’s record for the most points in the All Star games history with 271 points (9 points above Jordan’s 262 points), thus making him the King of All Star games. The games also somewhat looked like a dunk showdown as numerous dunks were showcased during the games thus eliciting cheers and shouts from the audience.

Sidelight of that sunday night game was the honoring moment for the Hall of Famer Magic Johnson and some members of the US Olympic team on 1992.


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