Jessica Sanchez slowly realizing her Sweet Dreams

After getting her 3rd standing ovation on her top 10 performance, Jessica Sanchez again proved to be the girl to beat in this season of American Idol. Escaping elimination again, she’s now another step closer to realize her dream of being the next American Idol.

The high praises she got from the AI judges on her rendition of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams on the top 9 performance night made her safe and gave her a spot on the top 8.

Jeniffer Lopez was so amused at her performance, she  said she was left wanting more. Steven Tyler meanwhile lauded her sense of style and the quality of her singing. He said she’s definitely a star no matter what. And Randy Jackson said he’s always looking forward to her performance every night and he commended her maturity as a singer despite her young age. He also said she’s one of the best singers he heared in many years and that she’s unbelievably sensational.

Meanwhile on other notes, Heejun Han was the latest addition to the ranks of Americal Idol hopefuls who were sent home and finished their journey’s as idol contenders. After the nationwide votes, Heejun was announced as the person who got the lowest number of votes from the viewers. Together with him at the bottom 3 were Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine.

Things I Liked and Didn’t Liked about The Hunger Games : A Movie Review

Last Sunday after touring the UP Diliman premises I had the chance to see The Hunger Games on the big screen of Trinoma Cinema. Seeing the trailer and comments from people on the web, I made it a point not to miss this one. And indeed I was not misled, it was a great movie worthy to be watched.

A screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ book with the same title, it tells the story of the TRIBUTES, a boy and a girl drawn via a lottery from the 12 districts of Panem and are slated to compete which each other till death in the annual Hunger Games. Directed by Gary Ross and written also by Gary Ross with Suzanne Collins and Billy Ray, it starred Jeniffer Lawrence as the protagonist Katniss Everdeen, Liam Hemsworth as Katniss’ boyfriend Gale Hawthorn, and Josh Hutcherson as the tribute boy from district 12 Peeta Mellark. With the special participation of Donald Sutherland as President Snow of Panema country.

The movie was great but I just felt hungry for more fight scenes. Basing on the trailer, promos and it’s title, I was in assumption that it will be an action packed movie, but it didn’t cater much on action scenes instead focused on the main characters. How I wish they’ve inserted more action scenes about the Hunger Games itself and their fighting for survival. I just felt it lacked a little bit more action considering the plot of the movie.

But I am very happy with their musical scoring and sound engineering. The movie was able to use great musical scores and sound effects. I love how they effectively incorporated the sounds and music in every scenes of the movie. Superb sound engineers and musical scorers. Cinematography was also great with those shots in the forest and the view of the metropolis as well as visual effects with those holographic thing used. Acting wise, Jeniffer Lawrence was very effective as Katniss Everdeen. She also did good with the action scenes and with that I can compare her to Jeniffer Garner. Also commendable were the acting jobs of Donald Sutherland as President Snow and Wes Bentley as the Head Game Maker Seneca Crane.

All in all it was indeed a film worthy of the price you’ll pay. The story is well written which depicts how the poor is being manipulated by the rich and being forced to be feed in killing each other for their entertainment. It also offered an inspiration of hope that little as you may if you have courage and overflowing hope you can overcome everything. I liked the scene when Katniss paid the last respect to the dead body of Rue and then raised her 3 fingers, which led to some sort of rebellion from the people. As what President Snow said, “Hope is the only thing more powerful than fear. Of little hope is effective, of lot of hope is dangerous.”

It can also be viewed as an upfront to producers of reality shows who are manipulating the games based on what is popular and appealing to the sponsors. It showed that rules of the game can be easily changed based on  popular demands, but in the end they are caught by their own rule when Katniss and Peeta planned to commit suicide by eating the poisonous berry so that no one will win the game.

A story of  hope, of bravery and of love and sacrifice, The Hunger Games is truly a recommended film to watch. Happy Hunger Games, May the odds be ever in your favor.


“I just keep wishing I could think of a way to show them that they don’t own me. If I’m gonna die, I wanna still be me” – Peeta Mellark

Two Pinoys in Britain chosen as Olympic Torch Bearers

Two UK-based Filipinos were among the thousands chosen to bear the Olympic torch in a torch relay slated across the British Isles for the upcoming 2012 London Olympics. Reymund Enteria and Steven Cheung who are currently based in the UK will represent not only themselves but the pride of the our country in the quadrennial games.

Enteria, is an OFW working at Raphael Medical Centre in Tonbridge, Kent as an Occupational Therapist. He also works as a cook at Waitrose in Tonbridge and taking on other part time jobs. He was able to get the torch bearing sting when he saw an advertisement for torch bearer nominations. At that moment he felt the urge to submit his name and share his story hoping it will inspire people who will read it.

After receiving confirmation from the Olympic committee that he got the job, he felt very happy and proud. He said he will dedicate his run to all the OFWs, his family and all fellow Occupational Therapists and health workers in the Philippines and abroad.

“Di ko po talaga ma-explain kung gaano ako kasaya sa pagkakapili ko po bilang isa sa mga runner ng 2012 Olympics. Hanggang ngayon di pa rin ako makapaniwala na tatakbo ako on behalf of the Filipino overseas worker. I feel proud and privileged at habang buhay ko itong maalala…Gusto ko po sanang punuin ng mga Pilipino yung 300-meter stretch para ipakita na we Filipinos are united as one,” he said.

Another one who was picked as torch bearer was Steven Cheung, a 22 year-old Filipino-Chinese based in UK and working as a Youth community leader. He was nominated by several groups in Waltham Forest for his contributions in youth empowerment in the area. And was chosen by the LOGOC to represent the young people, the Filipino and Chinese communities in Britain for the torch relay. Aside from being a torch bearer he was also tasked as an Olympic Youth Ambassador.

“Proud na proud ako being Filipino and also as an Olympic torchbearer and represent my community in this journey. It’s a once in lifetime opportunity to be involved in the Olympics….As an Olympic Ambassador and torch bearer, I hope to continue to inspire future generations,” he said.”

Pinoy Olympic torch bearers proud to represent Filipinos | ABS-CBN News.

Survivor USA in Camarines Sur

The hit reality show Survivor US is said to be filming right now in the Caramoan Islands of Camarines Sur.

Based on the show’s fan sites, Survivor US with its host Jeff Probst will shoot 2 season in the Philippines, both Seasons 25 and 26 back to back.

CamSur Governor L-Ray Villafuerte did confirmed that a big production is now being filmed in the islands but he chose not to give specific details about it, saying they are under confidentiality agreement. The governor also said the shooting will help boost the province’s tourism industry and will help create jobs for their people.

And he also added that aside from Survivor, a Hollywood film is also slated to be shot in Camarines Sur this year.

“Magkakaroon ng Hollywood film sa amin this year, I can not say again (what it is),” he said.

‘Survivor’ USA shoots in Camarines Sur | ABS-CBN News.

Reina Reyes : The Filipina who proved Einstein right

MANILA, Philippines – Think of Filipinos who have astounded the world lately, and the first names that come to mind are likely to be Manny Pacquiao or Charice. The two definitely earned their Pinoy-pride accolades, but they aren’t the only ones who deserve it.

Meet  Reinabelle Reyes, a 28-year-old astrophysicist who astounded scientists all over the world when she proved Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity on a cosmic scale. That was when she was only 26.

Einstein’s theories have been verified many times, but it took Reyes and her Princeton University collaborators to verify his Theory of General Relativity, beyond the confines of our solar system.

Led by Reyes, the research team made headlines back in 2010 when they showed how galaxies up to 3.5 billion light years away are clustered together in exactly the way General Relativity predicts. They came up with a new astronomical measurement, which indicates how galaxies are pulled together by gravity, just as Einstein theorized.

Her findings also support the existence of Dark Energy—a force greater than gravity once merely imagined by scientists. This is a big deal, because, even NASA tells us, pinning down the exact properties of Dark Energy is among the most significant problems facing science today. According to the NASA website, Dark Energy “is the deepest mystery in physics, and its resolution is likely to greatly advance our understanding of matter, space, and time.”

Reinabelle Reyes is among the scientists involved in unraveling this profound mystery.

Read the full story here via The Filipina who proved Einstein right by Nikka Santos of

My first time at UP Diliman

It was the University I didn’t dreamt of entering but now regretting of not trying. Maybe because during my later days in high-school I got swayed by the surge of computer related courses and the “effective” advertisement of 1:1 student, computer ratio of one computer university, that’s why I’ve forgotten by first love of being a journalist. Although I was influenced by my family to enter PUP (where I stayed for 2 years) I still got to move to the computer school which already got my attention first.

Now that I have so many acquaintances and some friends who are UPian and seeing how our country is being molded by its alumnus, I can’t help but feel some regret why didn’t I even tried to take the UPCAT. But past is past and I cannot pull back years to change my decision then.

I am happy that last Sunday I had the chance to somehow enter the campus known for its activism, idealism and people with great minds. Together with one of my friends who acted as my tour guide (thanks to you) we walked around the university and took pictures of some of its well known landmarks.

We had the chance to take the canopy walk along the Palma Hall area. I love the way they are preserving those trees which have great effects especially the yellow colored fallen leaves on the road. I was also able to see first hand the famous UP sunken garden and their main landmark the UP Oblation. Just realized that the Diliman campus is not very far different with the Los Banos campus. I’ve been to UPLB several times as my uncle’s family lived there and they seemed similar. And I also discovered that it’s just some kilometers away from SM North EDSA (now I know. hahahaha).

It was really a nice and satisfying walk on a Sunday afternoon. I may have not been able to experience what is life being in UP, at least I got the chance to somehow enter the campus and feel its grandeur. A chance to walk and step on its halls which are witnesses to long years of its history in producing graduates who have contributed in building and rebuilding our country and its institutions.


“Traveling is almost like talking with those of other centuries.” – René Descartes

“People don’t take trips . . . trips take people.”
- John Steinbeck

Jessica Sanchez bounced back, gets 3rd standing ovation

After the non-impressive (as according to idol judges and contest critics) performance of on last week’s show, Jessica Sanchez bounced back and made another standing ovation after her soothing and mellow dramatic performance last night in the idol stage.

Performing “Everybody Has a Dream” on the Billy Joel night, she again impressed the 3 idol judges and the audience with her great rendition of the song. It was such an amazing performance which left the judges and the people in awe.

Steven Tyler could not say many things but be mesmerized and told her “you’ve gone way passed my judging” and “thank you for letting me hear you sing baby”. Jeniffer Lopez meanwhile said that the song is her defining moment because she made her and the people feel her dream and that she sings it all out. And Randy Jackson praised her consistency on stage because every week there are always shining moments on her performances,he even said “I love it, you’re flawless, it was perfect”

As of press time, Jessica again made it to the next round of competition as one of the Top 9 contestants, giving her another chance to perform at the next week’s show.

Day 34 : Atienza, Cuevas and Trial Recess (Corona Impeachment Trial)

After 34 days of the trial the Impeachment Court finished today their last day before going to the Lenten break. The session was adjourned passed 6pm this afternoon and will resume trial on May 7, 2012.

But before the trial adjourned 2 witnesses were able to be presented by the defense panel. First to be presented was Miriam Mosuela of the John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC). Prosecution at the onset opposed the offer of her testimony, citing its relevance to the case at hand, but the court admitted. She then testified on the benefits, salaries and compensation Mrs. Cristina Corona earned during her tenure at JHMC.

After her, the prosecution then called on former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza to the witness stand. He testified with regards to the sales of the property owned by the Basa-Guidote Enterprise which is a family business by the Chief Justice’s wife Cristina.

On his testimony he told the court that the property bought by the city government was owned by BGEI and was sold through it’s authorized representative Mrs. Corona. During the direct examination he stated that a cheque of 34.703 million pesos was paid to Mrs. Corona in trust of the Basa-Guidote Enterprise.

The prosecution meanwhile, during its cross examination tried to test the credibility of the witness. They’ve tried to dig-in whether the sale has no indication of some special favors. They’ve also tried to show that there is some degree of lack of due diligence because the owner of the property was the BGEI but the cheque was named to Mrs. Corona and not the corporation.

Thereafter some senator-judges also inquired on the witness Atienza to ask some clarificatory questions. But the one that created the spotlight was Sen. Recto, who in his line of questioning made lead defense counsel, former Justice Serafin Cuevas quite irate. Cuevas even seemingly went into an offensive tirade to Recto saying his remarks was unfair saying they are yet to present evidence on the matter being raised by the senator. Before the conversation becomes more heated presiding judge Sen. Juan Ponce-Enrile immediately interrupted Cuevas and said that Recto was just clarifying on the matter being testified already by the witness Atienza.

At the end Cuevas just apologized for his quite over reaction to Recto’s statement and then it was followed by the senate adjournment.