Jessica Sanchez given standing ovation by the AI Judges

After her performance in the American Iidol stage singing Love You I Do, Fil-Am Jessica Sanchez was given a standing ovation by the American Idol Judges, Jeremy Jackson, Jeniffer Lopez and Steven Tyler. The audience are also loud cheering and praising her performance that night.

The 16-year old Sanchez was praised by idol judges for her great performance. Jackson said her performance was one of the best that night and she will be the one to reckon with in the competition. JLo on the other hand loved how she projects on stage and the way she handled the punctuations of her body when she’s hitting the notes and her whole attitude when she sang on stage. Tyler meanwhile said she has exceptional timing, great voice and great pitch and also candidly said “they have to pay you the next time you sing the national anthem for the charges”.

Hearing those words and comments from the 3 judges, Jessica couldn’t speak and just showed her big smile and thanked them. She said they are her role models and hearing that from them was an a great feeling, she felt like going crazy.

After that performance night, the top 13 will be announced tomorrow which will come from the votes of the American viewers. With what she showed on her performance let’s just hope she will made it to the top 10 just like what Jasmin Trias and Thia Megia did in the past editions. It’s really great to see fellow Filipino conquering the hearts of other nationalities because of pure talent.


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