2012 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Experience

Last Saturday I had the chance to watch this year’s 2012 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition in Mall of Asia Pasay City sponsored by Close Up Philippines. I together with my friends (Ate Mhay, Rex and Angel), joined the jam packed seaside area of the Manila Bay to witness the showcasing of pyrotechnic expertise from the competing countries. And hat night, it was China and Netherlands schedule to impress the judges and the hundreds or even thousands of spectators.

The show started a bit late due to some physical obstructions near the barge. China presented first whom I expected to be good since they are the reigning champion in this competition and they are known in the world in terms of fireworks because they are the one who invented it. But sadly I didn’t like what they showed. The whole concept for me is not appealing and not very entertaining. I was not impressed with their theme of story telling about the legend of fox princess who turned to be a woman (which sounded like the story of My Girlfriend is a Gumijo). The music was also not very impressive, it was for me a little bit boring. There were a lot of gaps in between the fireworks display and musical accompaniment thus creating dull moments in their presentation. The only thing that I liked about their presentation is the ending where they showed different colors and the music became more upbeat. But in terms of the totality of their presentation for me it was somehow disappointing.

The Netherlands came after about an hour of break. This is a wow performance, I didn’t expect Netherlands to put a show like that. For me theirs was the better presentation that night.

At the onset, they’ve already captivate the audience attention with their upbeat music which garnered loud cheers and applause from the spectators. They’ve perfectly created a nice story out of the music that they’ve choose to play in sync with the fireworks display. People can’t help but to cheer many times with they way Netherlands executed its music and prytotechnic skills. Who would not be entertained by Adele’s Set on Fire and Van Halen’s Jump and towards the end of the presentation was Sarah Brightman and Andreal Bocelli’s Time to Say Goodbye.

With their performance I think Netherlands should be one of those in the front row for this year’s grand prize. Great musicality,  great colors, great pyrotechnics, I voted for Netherlands on that day.  This coming Saturday it will be Canada and Australia’s time to showcase their talents. Will be looking forward again this weekend for another night of great lights dancing over the sea.

For those who also want to have the Pyromusical experience you can still go to the Mall of Asia until March 17, 2012. Ticket prices are 300 for Gold and 100 for Silver. But Close Up Philippines is giving 50% discounts on gold tickets and free silver tickets just buy Close Up products in exchange.

For more details on how to get the discounts and free tickets please visit this Close Up Philippines Facebook page.



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