Bulalo Discovery in Antipolo City

Last Monday I went to a purpose visit in Antipolo City in preparation for our Org’s Back to School outreach project. But I never knew that the trip will brought-in some new discoveries and not only discovery but a great discovery.

I went there with one of my friends and co-officer of the org. After we finished our purpose on the school we went to, the principal of the school led us to a small eatery to have our lunch. We arrived at a small place situated along the highway. Not as grand or cozy as other restaurants but the feel of its surroundings is good and nice, since it was situated in the upper part of Antipolo. Nice fresh air and nice ambiance, with the view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in front of us.

We picked our sits and then ordered our food. Of course we ordered their specialty, the Bulalo. Even before we got to the place the principal kept on promoting how good their bulalo is, so we ordered one to prove her claim. And indeed she was right, the bulalo was great and I can say it is one of the best bulalos I have ever tasted.

I have been to Tagaytay several times and tasted their bulalo, but I can say that bulalo of D Third’s Bulaluhan in Antipolo definitely competes with the best of Tagaytay has to offer or even much more because of the price which is so affordable. At 60 pesos per serving (which is good for 3 person) you can definitely enjoy a bulalo that tastes great.

If you also want to enjoy and experience what I have tasted, you can drop by at D Third’s Bulaluhan and prove for yourself. Going there will only take about an hour from Manila via Marcos Highway. If you’re using a private vehicle, you can take Marcos Highway going Cogeo then drive a little more kilometers to Brgy. San Jose Antipolo City. If you passed by Boso-Boso Highlands Hotel and Covention Center, its roughly 1.5 kilometers away and you’ll arrive at D Third’s Bulaluhan. Using public transport, you can ride an FX taxi from Cubao to Cogeo, then from Cogeo you can ride a jeep plying Marikina to Paenaan. Then just drop off by the bulaluhan. It’s just 5 meters away from Paenaan Jeepney Terminal so you’ll not be lost.

So if ever you’re craving for a bulalo but you think Tagaytay is so far to go, choose D Third’s of Antipolo and surely you’ll get the taste of Tagaytay in a much affordable way.


“If you can indulge the same food in a practical way why go to a farther place”


7 thoughts on “Bulalo Discovery in Antipolo City

  1. nagutom ako dito ha.

    nakakainis lang sa pagkain ng bulalo e yung masebo na bibig mo after, uncomfortable. hehe.

    Pero kung masarap naman, worth it na din siguro 🙂


  2. I think the quote I posted on Facebook is probably my very favorite part of the book, but it seemed a little too long for this collection. The other set of quotes I’ll be posting is right up your alley – threy#8217;&e all focused on awareness and the mind-body connection. Hooray for mindfulness!


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