Jessica Sanchez bounced back, gets 3rd standing ovation

After the non-impressive (as according to idol judges and contest critics) performance of on last week’s show, Jessica Sanchez bounced back and made another standing ovation after her soothing and mellow dramatic performance last night in the idol stage.

Performing “Everybody Has a Dream” on the Billy Joel night, she again impressed the 3 idol judges and the audience with her great rendition of the song. It was such an amazing performance which left the judges and the people in awe.

Steven Tyler could not say many things but be mesmerized and told her “you’ve gone way passed my judging” and “thank you for letting me hear you sing baby”. Jeniffer Lopez meanwhile said that the song is her defining moment because she made her and the people feel her dream and that she sings it all out. And Randy Jackson praised her consistency on stage because every week there are always shining moments on her performances,he even said “I love it, you’re flawless, it was perfect”

As of press time, Jessica again made it to the next round of competition as one of the Top 9 contestants, giving her another chance to perform at the next week’s show.


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