My first time at UP Diliman

It was the University I didn’t dreamt of entering but now regretting of not trying. Maybe because during my later days in high-school I got swayed by the surge of computer related courses and the “effective” advertisement of 1:1 student, computer ratio of one computer university, that’s why I’ve forgotten by first love of being a journalist. Although I was influenced by my family to enter PUP (where I stayed for 2 years) I still got to move to the computer school which already got my attention first.

Now that I have so many acquaintances and some friends who are UPian and seeing how our country is being molded by its alumnus, I can’t help but feel some regret why didn’t I even tried to take the UPCAT. But past is past and I cannot pull back years to change my decision then.

I am happy that last Sunday I had the chance to somehow enter the campus known for its activism, idealism and people with great minds. Together with one of my friends who acted as my tour guide (thanks to you) we walked around the university and took pictures of some of its well known landmarks.

We had the chance to take the canopy walk along the Palma Hall area. I love the way they are preserving those trees which have great effects especially the yellow colored fallen leaves on the road. I was also able to see first hand the famous UP sunken garden and their main landmark the UP Oblation. Just realized that the Diliman campus is not very far different with the Los Banos campus. I’ve been to UPLB several times as my uncle’s family lived there and they seemed similar. And I also discovered that it’s just some kilometers away from SM North EDSA (now I know. hahahaha).

It was really a nice and satisfying walk on a Sunday afternoon. I may have not been able to experience what is life being in UP, at least I got the chance to somehow enter the campus and feel its grandeur. A chance to walk and step on its halls which are witnesses to long years of its history in producing graduates who have contributed in building and rebuilding our country and its institutions.


“Traveling is almost like talking with those of other centuries.” – RenΓ© Descartes

“People don’t take trips . . . trips take people.”
– John Steinbeck


19 thoughts on “My first time at UP Diliman

  1. Before highschool graduation I am one of the few who passed UPCAT from our school in Mindanao. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to enroll in my dream university – UP due financial constraint and without any relative to stay in Manila.


    • oh sayang naman oh, pumasa ka na pala. ako talaga di ako nagtry eh, lahat ng mga honor students namen nung high-school nagtake sila ako lang hindi sumama sa kanina kasi nga decided na ko na sa computer school pumasok hehe. tapos ngayon ayun medyo nagsisi bakit di ako sumama sa kanila haha


  2. Thanks for this, brings back good old memories. I’m reminded how badly I wanted to study in UP back then…but my parents insisted that I follow the family cult of going to an all girls university. Even when I followed their request, I never get tired of going in and out of UP-D’s premises, one of my favorite comfort places.


  3. Saw this post through ping back. UPCAT is the ‘only’ entrance exam I’ve taken and luckily I’ve passed it. I would have taken other exams but my father told me “UP or nothing.” Yikes! Talk about dictatorship. Haha! I’ve been to PUP and saw the landmarks there. I admire the architecture design of the main building. Someone told me it’s an XYZ to protect the building from earthquake. What I like about UP Diliman aside from its famous ‘isaw’ is the annual UP FAIR. =)))


    • yup magaling nga yung architecture ng main building sa PUP. lalo na pag arial view. at meron kame dun na mala whitehouse na part kasi meron dun na West Wing hehe. di ko na try yung isaw 😦 pero will definitely go back there :-). gusto ko rin ma try yung UP fair πŸ™‚


  4. Kung nag-UP ka, di mo makikilala ang ubod ng ganda at sexy na ako… πŸ˜€
    I agree, I should have study harder when I was younger ng nakapasa din ako d2…I mean di ako ngtry kumuha na ng entrance kasi mffrustrate lang ako dahil mababa ang grades ko nung high school.. 😦


  5. The thing with UPD is that it’s accessible to anyone and everyone, even those who are not students. I have no idea how it happened, but early in high school, I slowly formed into my mind that UP (and its Mass Communication college) was the only university I would enroll in. I also chose to take only the UPCAT, and thank God I passed.

    The thing with UPD is that its surroundings and open spaces and open mindset have helped me and many others in growing as a whole. Never regretted going to school there.

    Glad you were able to visit. Why not come back often?


    • nice, oo nga pards, Open Campus kasi yata lahat ng UP diba? astig UP lang ang kinunan ng entrance exam hehe. ako naman PUP lang, pero inalisan ko rin after 2 years haha. oo nga eh, gusto ko bumalik ulit di kasi ako nakarating dun sa tindahan nung mga fishball at yung sikat na mani. hehe. pag may time ako lumuwas manila pupunta ulit ako dun πŸ™‚


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