Jessica Sanchez slowly realizing her Sweet Dreams

After getting her 3rd standing ovation on her top 10 performance, Jessica Sanchez again proved to be the girl to beat in this season of American Idol. Escaping elimination again, she’s now another step closer to realize her dream of being the next American Idol.

The high praises she got from the AI judges on her rendition of Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams on the top 9 performance night made her safe and gave her a spot on the top 8.

Jeniffer Lopez was so amused at her performance, she  said she was left wanting more. Steven Tyler meanwhile lauded her sense of style and the quality of her singing. He said she’s definitely a star no matter what. And Randy Jackson said he’s always looking forward to her performance every night and he commended her maturity as a singer despite her young age. He also said she’s one of the best singers he heared in many years and that she’s unbelievably sensational.

Meanwhile on other notes, Heejun Han was the latest addition to the ranks of Americal Idol hopefuls who were sent home and finished their journey’s as idol contenders. After the nationwide votes, Heejun was announced as the person who got the lowest number of votes from the viewers. Together with him at the bottom 3 were Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine.


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