Carrying of the Cross

Holy week or the lenten season reminds us of the days when Jesus carried the cross and died on it for our salvation. It is a reminder that someone gave up his life for the lives of many others.

Now that Jesus is very alive and resurrected, the cross in passed on to our hands. Yes, Jesus already did his part and it’s now our time to do ours. The cross where he died is now our obligation to carry.

Everyday we are faced with problems and mishaps which burdens us, thus making us feel so down and heavily hearted. But these are the crosses that we need to carry till we end up victorious. Because these crosses are the instruments in teaching us patience and greater faith.

Imagine a perfect life without problems or any misfortunes. Do you think we will be able to learn how to be strong? Do you think we will be able to know how sweet the victory is if we do not fail?

Carrying our own crosses is God’s way of teaching us to be faithful to Him and as a way of communicating with Him also. Every time we are burdened by these crosses we are sure to call on him for help through prayers. How often we forgot to pray just because we are sailing a smooth ocean? And how often do we tend to doubt His existence just because we are so burdened?

I too have shares of low points which sometimes led me to doubt if indeed He is really there. Problems that overwhelmed me so much which sometimes made me forgot about my faith. But still He is graceful and always welcoming me back into His fold.

Our crosses maybe heavy to carry, but we should not forget that we can share this crosses with others as much as we can share in carrying others crosses. Remember Simon, the disciple who helped Jesus carry the cross when He fell down on the ground. Crosses can be shared especially when we are so weak and we cannot carry its burden anymore. Through prayers we can ask God to somehow help us lighten it or we can ask our friends and families to share with it.

Crosses will always be part of a living person. No matter how heavy it is, we should not get tired of carrying it because God is always there to help us lighten its load. And always remember Jesus was able to came up triumphant of His cross, we too will also triumph over our crosses especially if its shared by You and Me.


“The more crosses we carried through the more stronger we grew”


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