Jessica Sanchez joins American Idol Top 6

After being almost eliminated last week for having the least votes from America, Jessica Sanchez was able to survive this week as American Idol bid goodbye to Colton Dixon. Sanchez was also a no show at the bottom 3 which was composed of Hallie Cavanagh, Ellise Testone and the eliminated Dixon. This is evident that after the shocking surprise last week, Jessica’s fans gave all their efforts to make sure their idol will be safe from elimination this week.

One proof of this is the Campaign for Jessica being done by different Fil-Am communities in the US to help Sanchez get the votes she needed to continue with her American Idol journey. Emmy Award winning producer Michael Carandang is also one of those people who is supporting this campaign for Sanchez and calling on all Fil-Ams to throw all their support for the 16 year old Fil-Mexican contestant.

Now that Jessica enters the top 6, Fil-Ams should continue the way they’ve voted for her. If ever they should double their efforts to assure that she will continue with the competition till the finals. Who knows, with the concerted efforts of the Filipino communities and their American friends, Americal Idol may have their first winner of Asian descent.


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