PNoy : Good news to Gov’t workers, sorry for the private

In his labor day speech, the President, Benigno S. Aquino III announced the good news for the workers in the government sector that by June 1 they will be able to get the last installment of the salary increase under the Salary Standardization program of the government. 2.7 billion pesos of government fund was allocated for this program that will benefit the 1.6 million government workers.

It may be a good labor day for the government employees but sorry for the private sector. The president was not in tune in approving or pushing at least for the 125php legislated wage hike. He said that it will be costly for the economy to move for such policy and it will in turn cause more damage than benefits. He also cited that PH workers are already one of the highest daily wage earners in the South East Asian region and increasing wages may cause shutdown of industries or mass lay-offs of employees.. But he also said that the government is expediting its efforts and coordination with the regional wage boards to assess the private sectors needs. He also said that they are working in getting more jobs for the people and to sustain the current jobs availble.

Meanwhile, different labor groups and militant groups celebrated Labor Day via a huge protest in the streets. Gathered in Mendiola bridge, the protesters call on the president to push for the 125 legislated wage hike. They also asked for other benefits for the workers which according to them are concerns from the previous years. Some leaders voiced out their dismay over Aquino government’s in-action on many labor issues and concerns of the workers.


5 thoughts on “PNoy : Good news to Gov’t workers, sorry for the private

  1. Hirap naman niyan. Hindi siguro alam ni PNoy na sobrang hirap humanap o pumasok ng trabaho sa gobyerno. Usually palakasan lang o kaya mga kamag-anak ng mga nasa gobyerno na rin ang nakakapasok. Tapos sila lang ang may biyaya? Lupet talaga.


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