Erap to run as Manila Mayor in 2013

After his publicized transfer of residency from San Juan to Manila riding his Jeep ni Erap, former President Joseph ERAP Estrada declared his intention to run for the Mayoral post of Manila.

Addressing the media and some Manila residents in his new house in the spacious compound at 589 Manga Avenue in Sta. Mesa, Manila he confirmed his plans of running for Mayor of Manila in the coming 2013 midterm election. Together with him in his jeep was incumbent Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno who was said to be considered as his running mate after he joined Erap’s Partido ng Masang Pilipino party.

Long before his confirmation, several news reports have already floated about Erap’s plans for Manila Mayorship because of his frequent visit in the city doing some charity works.

Now that Erap annouced his planned candidacy in Manila, it will be a duel between him and the current Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim who was then a political ally until their falling out. In a statement Lim said “Good Luck” to Erap on his plans to run against him in the coming election.

As for me the result of this election in Manila will gauge how mature and educated Manila voters are.


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