Jessica Sanchez tied Jasmin Trias’ Feat, enters Top 3

After her heartfelt rendition yesterday of Jennifer Holiday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, Jessica Sanchez did not really go as she now enters American Idol Top 3. This made her tie the achievement of fellow Fil-Am contestant Jasmin Trias in American Idol Season 3.

During today’s results night (Friday morning in the Philippines) who according to host Ryan Seacrest got more than 70 million of votes, Jessica Sanchez was proclaimed safe along with Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips. Sanchez now shares the feat of Trias of being part of American Idol Top 3, and now the second Asian-American to enter Top 3 of the singing competition. Jessica may be an early favorite but her road to Top 3 was also not very smooth as she was nearly eliminated in the Top 7. Thanks to the judges’ save she’s now in the Top 3 and still up there for the title.

Meanwhile it was Hollie Cavanagh who was brought home this week. After several trips to bottom 3, Hollie’s idol journey finally came to an end.


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