Philadelphia forces Boston to a Game 7

It could have been Celtics at the Eastern Conference Finals but the 76ers didn’t let it happen as they pushed Doc River’s team to a do or die Game 7. In their Game 6 today, Jrue Holiday led the 76ers with 20 points to tie again their playoffs series at 3-3.

Paul Pierce’ 24 points and Kevin Garnett’s 20 weren’t enough to purchase the ticket yet to the Conference finals. Their team coach said “We have to do a better job offensively. I thought we had a lot of empty possessions”. It was really not a good night for the Celtics who only averages 33.3 points in the floor which is very low compared to their previous games.

It may not be a perfect performance also for Philadelphia but they’ve managed to pull-off their third and fourth man to convert possessions into scores, which the Celtics failed, who only relied to Pierce and Garnett. Philadelphia ended the game with 7 point lead at 82-75 score. Game 7 will be on Saturday May 26 (Sunday morning in Manila) at Boston.


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