Day 42 : Corona Cameback, Defense Rested Its Case (Corona Impeachment Trial)

After the walkout issue last Tuesday and after signing the hospital waiver, Chief Justice Renato Corona went back to the Senate Impeachment Court to continue with his testimony and to answer questions from prosecution’s cross examination and from the Senator Judges.

When he got back to the witness stand the defense manifested that they will no longer conduct any further direct examination on the Chief Justice. Because of the manifestation and the earlier manifestation of the prosecution that if in case no additional direct questioning from the defense they will waive cross examining the witness, thus became the case. The prosecution waive their chance to cross examine the Chief Justice and just relied on the testimonies and documents presented by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales.

During today’s trial, CJ Corona also signed and submitted (unconditionally) the waiver for his bank accounts which was later decided on by the Sen. Juan Ponce-Enrile not to act on it anymore.

Also during the break when the Senators are having caucus, the Impeachment court suddenly became a family reunion as the Basa and Corona family reconciled with each other. It was a surprise for many that after exchanges of not so good words for each other they finally patched things up and reconciled.

Several Senator judges posted questions on the Chief Justice mainly clarifying his reason why after admitting he has 3 dollar accounts did not declare it on his SALN. To which Corona answered, that those were covered by the Foreign Currency Act thus no need to disclose. During the questioning of Sen. Estrada regarding what he thought about Ombudsman Carpio-Morales motive or reason to testify against him, Corona mentioned that the current Ombudsman was never really his ally and he thought that she allowed herself to be used by Malacañang. He also told the court about Carpio-Morales’ retirement benefit request which the Chief Justice denied. That statement prompted the Ombudsman to went on a presscon to answer Corona’s accusations. In her own words she said “I am fuming mad, He’s a certified liar”. Carpio-Morales also said that the issue is not getting higher retirement benefit but Corona’s alleged cutting of benefit from the usual 1.5 million to 650 thousand pesos. She also said that she has 1 dollar account in BPI and that she disclosed it in her SALN.

The trial ended with defense submitting its formal offer of evidences, thus prompting the resting of its case. Impeachment trial will be back on Monday for the oral arguments and decision  is expected to be promulgated on Tuesday.


10 thoughts on “Day 42 : Corona Cameback, Defense Rested Its Case (Corona Impeachment Trial)

  1. Asan analysis mo? hehe . When you make a post about something that I know also, cause I watched and listened, I like that you narrated the event, describing important situations that occurred. But I look for your analysis and opinion cause I believe that’s where the power of blogging lies. And when you truly express yourself, it’s nice to comment and have a lively discussion. Regards.


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