Jessica Sanchez, The People’s Idol, Pinoy Unity Ambassador

She may not have won the title of American Idol but Jessica definitely gained the stars of her own. Singing her way to the finals, she was able to once again raise the pride of the Filipino people. Being a Filipina-Mexican immigrant in the US, 16 year old Jessica made Filipinos glued to their TV screens every time she sings and competes in the American Idol stage. Her dreams and aspirations became source of inspiration to many people especially Pinoys here and in the U.S.

Since childhood she was already accustomed to performing in front of many people. At her early age she was already joining several singing competitions which helped her hone her vocal skills. She in fact also competed in America’s Got Talent but she wasn’t able to advanced into the finals.

During her American Idol journey, she became an early favorite, getting several standing ovation performances from the audience and the Idol judges. She also experienced some trips to the bottom 3 and her elimination in the Top 7 which was derailed by the judges 1-time saving power. From then on she proved to be the girl to beat as she became the only female contender in the top 3 and eventually entering the finals. Her ascension to stardom is really something that inspires aspiring singers and other dreamers, that dreams really do come true to those who are persistent and determined.

But what’s more notable about Sanchez’ journey is the unity that was again shown by the Filipinos. This is evident by the resounding online campaigns for Jessica for her not to be eliminated in the competition. It can be compared to how Pinoys are supporting every bouts of Manny Pacquiao. The competition which is ought to be among American’s only became another battle of races as Filipinos in and outside the U.S. went out their way to throw their support for Jessica. Indeed it was another shining moment for Pinoy Pride, because for some time we became united again to support a Kababayan. Just like with Pacman’s fights, several free viewings of the Idol Finale were slated in Manila and other parts of the country as a show of support for Jessica. Filipino community in the U.S. were also united in campaigning for her. Numerous voting parties were organized by the Filipino communities to attract more votes for her. It was indeed a united Philippines in support of the Filipina Jessica.

It’s really happy to see Pinoys united for the sake of another Kababyan. How I wish it’s always Pacquiao Day or Jessica Day, so we can always see this unity among us. Now that we knew that unity among Filipinos is not an impossible thing, hope we can try this everyday to push for the improvement and development of this country. Jessica maybe an icon or symbol of unity but can’t we, each one of us be that symbol or unifying factor for our own’s best interest? If we can do it with Pacquiao or Jessica, it’s not impossible to do it for our family and for the future generations of this country. Let our future became our inspiration to become unified in pushing for a better Philippines.


“We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”- J.K. Rowling


8 thoughts on “Jessica Sanchez, The People’s Idol, Pinoy Unity Ambassador

  1. I love Jessica Sanchez too! And yes, I’ve heard how the Filipinos campaigned for her everywhere in our country even if we were not part of the voting. In deed, we always become united whenever we support Filipinos like her.

    The only thing I don’t like is other Filipinos who did not appreciate it and wants to push their own preferences or style instead of just supporting her all the way because she’s a kababayan. It’s disappointing to know that even some of my closest friends would not root for her and wouldn’t want to support anything about her just because they think she’s way too common.

    The whole time I was watching AI, I felt so interested in her just because of her roots. We all know how we have a good music culture and that yes, it is quite common to hear a great voice like hers but it’s not enough reason to almost express disgust and not support her.

    For that I appreciate your post Rojan. For this I truly believed that the whole country might actually have become united during those shows. I wish I have seen it in my own eyes. Too bad I’m far away.


    • oo nga, agree pero we cannot force them to have the same preference for Jessica. It may be sad that there are person’s publicly showing non interest on her talent but we still knew that more are behind her. It’s not only about Jessica and her fight for the title, but it definitely showed how Pinoys can unite for a common goal. 🙂


  2. It is great how people get behind a person and support her. I saw an online talent competition called MAke a Star where the online viewers vote for the contestants. This could be a great venue for someone like Jessica


  3. Yes, if only our perceived unity and support for Jessica Sanchez and Manny Pacquiao could be given to greater causes for our country.


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