Warriors of Education, Angels of Learning (Hatid Karunungan 2012)

After we appealed for help last month, we are happy to report that our Balik – Eskwela Hatid Karunungan 2012 Project was a success.

Last Saturday, June 2, 2012, we trooped to Cabading Elemtary School in San Jose Antipolo City, Rizal to hand-over all the donations that we have collected. Despite the heavy rains brought by typhoon Ambo, we still proceed with the scheduled turn-over of donations. Its just a little sad that majority of the students that were supposed to meet us already went home due to strong rains.

It was the teachers who received us in the school. They were very thankful and very happy for all the school supplies that we brought. Upon arrival they let us (members of HKC) to roam around the school perimeter to see its current situation. And it was a consensus from all the members that indeed they need help from kind-hearted individuals to somehow improve their school facilities. Picture takings followed after while we wait for the rain to subside.

It was indeed another successful project for our org. We thank all the sponsors and donors who have shared their money and other who have given school supplies for the students of Cabading Elementary School. Our contributions will be forever appreciated, because in our small ways we were able to somehow help less fortunate students who strive hard to finish their education despite their situation in life. They may not be able to re-pay us for the help we did for them but knowing they’ll be able to get the education they need is more than enough payment.

And I also believe that kindness is paid forward, that in due time they will also help students who needs their help and will continue the cycle of Education Warriors and Angels of Learning.


“You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”  – John Wooden


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