Bradley scored an upset over Pacquiao, won via split decision (Pacquiao-Bradley Fight)

After his controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez last year, today’s Pacquiao fight again rose to another controversy after loosing to Timothy Bradley via split decision.

True to his words in the promotion of this fight, Bradley indeed shocked the world after scoring an upset over Pacquiao. One judge scored 115-113 for Pacquiao and the other 2 judges scored 115-113 for Bradley thus making him the new champion.

But the decision was not welcomed by many spectators and audience at the MGM arena. After announcing that Bradley won the fight a resounding boo was heard which lasted for quite some time. Same reaction when Manny was announce winner over Juan Manuel Marquez on their last fight. The audience can’t seem to accept the decision seeing how the 2 boxers fight inside the ring.

Early rounds started slow as they are testing each others power, but Manny continued to own every rounds. He may not have the same power and intensity compared to his previous fights but he definitely dictated the fights all through out. Except for some few rounds that went to Bradley, Pacquiao’s dominance is inevitable. He thrown more clear punches than Bradley who became used to his ‘hugging defense’.

But in the end the judges gave the fight to Timothy Bradley. After 12 rounds of boxing, they’ve decided that Bradley emerged as the winner over Manny Pacquiao.

I may not be a boxing expert and I would not also claim to be a boxing judge, but seeing it in my view, clearly showed that Pacquiao won it. I am not saying this as a Filipino, who definitely wanted Manny Pacquiao to win, but as an spectator who watched the full length fight. And based on what I saw it was definitely Pacquiao who should be declared as the winner.

Undeniably there are also flaws in Manny’s fight plan and we should admit that. He should have go all out with his strength and knock out Bradley, but it seemed that he went mellow this time. Probably because of his renewed spiritual commitment that’s why he toned down, but nonetheless he still showed his power over Bradley. He may not have knocked him out but all throughout the fight it was Manny who dominated it. In plain words it seemed that a ‘robbery’ had took place in MGM Grand Arena. And I don’t want to call it a Karma for Juan Manuel Marquez, who went into the same situation last year, but definitely I can proudly say that this fight should be given to to Pacman. Pacquaio should be the winner and he will still remain a winner.


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