Happy Father’s Day to all the Men and Women of our lives

They are half of the equation in giving life to a child. They are part of the whole who brought someone into life. They are the pillars of every home that make it stand and whole; they are our father’s. Daddy, Papa, Itay, Tatay, whatever they may be called, they are the most important man in our lives.

I am happy to have a father who never failed to be the good father a child can ask for. Although I grew up not spending so much time with him as he has to work abroad to give us a good life, still the love that he showed us was strong enough to hold us together. He  may have gone for more than a decade to be an OFW and he may have missed some important dates in our lives, but he was still a father who showed that distance is not a big factor to care and to love. And for that I salute him, for being the best father me and my brother have. God was very graceful in giving us a father who teaches us to brave but not arrogant, to be strong but caring, to be frugal but generous and to be a good person who always have a hand to lend to those who are in need. And I will make it a commitment that in the future I will not only follow the way my father led in bringing us up but, I will do better and double it up to become the best father to my child.

But not all children shared the same experience. There are those who grew up literally without father and there are those who have one, but seemingly nothing at all. In this kind of situations, the woman of the house takes charge. Those are the mothers who acted also as fathers to their kids. Single moms who tirelessly working to give a good future to their children. Lucky still are those kids who may not have the father by their side but have their mothers who are trying very hard to fill up the missing part. Equal praises and honor should be given to them for standing up strong for their children.

Let not this day be the only day to show our love for our fathers and single mothers. Make them feel that we appreciate everyday all their efforts for us. And let us always show them the love and respect that they deserve. To all the fathers and single mothers, this day is for you and all the days of your lives we will honor you.


“He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”  – Clarence Budington Kelland


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