Apple iTunes now in the Philippines

Because of the popularity of Apple products in the Asian region, Apple Inc. announces its launched of its iTune online media store in 12 Asian countries including the Philippines. Due to this, Philippine iPhone, iPod and iPad users can now easily download music and videos to their devices.

Currently Apple product users are able to download different applications but are unable to buy songs and movies. It was only Australia, Japan and New Zealand among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region which has the capability to buy music and movies in iTunes.

Other Asian countries where iTunes will also be available are Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Apple users from this countries can now buy songs and movies also using their credit cards.

Meanwhile China and India has yet to be included in the list but people from Apple said they are always working to bring the iTunes Store to more customers around the world, as conditions permit.

Apple launches iTunes in HK, Singapore, Philippines
Apple launches iTunes Store in 12 new Asia markets


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