Manila Social Media Day 2012: Liked and Favorited

It was a rainy Saturday evening, but that didn’t stop us to celebrate Social Media Day 2012.

Together with a friend we went to Tea 101 in Tomas Morato at about past 7pm. The venue was already full packed when we arrived, good thing there are tents outside. We went inside to register and get our #ManilaSMDay ID and also to order the tea. After that, we went back to the tent and we spent most of the night there.

The program was graced by the ace writer-director Jose Javier-Reyes who talked about (of course what else) Social Media. We weren’t able to hear all what he said because it’s hard to listen outside but I had the chance to get a post at the doorstep and was lucky to hear some of his words. What stacked to my mind was his take on trolls. I think what he said was, if you want to be taken seriously in social media don’t hide your face (something to that effect). And that is true, I have a couple of experiences with this trolls and I didn’t stop talking to them all night until they blocked me. If they are true and sincere with their convictions and opinions they should not be afraid to show their faces.

All in all, Manila Social Media Day QC was a fun night specially to 2 of my friends and co-#TeamAquarius, @prettymamba24 for winning in the raffle and to the organizer @kingdelrosario. It was a success King, Congrats, all the efforts and planning paid off. I also got loot bag but sadly wasn’t able to consume my unlimited tea (hehehe).

Social Media will always be a part of my life onwards. It has helped me to know people and to learn from them. It enabled me to gain new friends who share the same passion and values. And I will always be grateful to social media for giving me the platform to voice out my opinions and convictions and be able to help in shaping our society and our country in my own little ways.


7 thoughts on “Manila Social Media Day 2012: Liked and Favorited

  1. Sana makadalo ako sa isang pagtitipon na gaya nito. Nang mag-umpisa ako mag-blog wala man lang ako nadaluhan kahit isa, dahilan na rin siguro na wala ako lagi sa bansa. πŸ™‚ next time!


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