Myrtle Sarrosa is PBB Teen Edition 4 Big Winner

After the back to back male teen big winner in the last two seasons of PBB Teens, the title went back to a girl. In a hip and modern inspired Big Night presentation slated at Malolos Convention Center in Malolos Bulacan, the Cosplayer Babe Myrtle Sarrosa of Ilo-ilo City was announced as the Teen Big Winner of this edition. Garnering an average vote of 33.9%, she bested the other 3 teen housemates in the Big 4 to emerged as this teen edition’s big winner. Myrtle will take home 1 million pesos in cash and other prizes.

Mytle was among the noticeable teen housemates of this edition because of her different personality being a cosplayer. She also became controversial because of her involvement with Yves and her bad actions towards the latter part of the competition. But as she said people make mistakes, what’s important is that we correct it and learn from it.

Other teen housemates who completed the Big 4 were Karen Reyes who captured the 2nd Teen Big Placer position at 11.91%, Roy Requejo who got the 3rd Teen Big Placer title at 9.38% and the funny twins Jai and Joj Agpangan who garnered 9.26% of votes. The 3 wiill each receive 300 thousand, 200 thousand and 100 thousand pesos of prizes respectively, plus other gadget showcase.

This edition was so far the most controversial Teen edition being shown because of the controversial actions that the teen did in Big Brother’s house. Some people raised eyebrows because of seemingly too much showing of affection and emotions towards each other. But be at that, it still shows the character of of the youth of today, may not be perfect but that’s something they can learn from and use in their journey towards adulthood.


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