Comedy King Dolphy passed away at 83

After several weeks at the Makati Medical Center in Makati City because of recurring pneumonia, Philippine’s Comedy King, Rodolfo Vera Quizon most commonly known as Dolphy or Pidol has finally succumbed to death at the age of 83. Dolphy was survived by his longtime partner singer-actress Zsazsa Padilla and his 18 children.

At about 8:34 PM today July 10, 2012, he finally breathe his last. Although several unconfirmed tweets circulated earlier about his death, reports were verified when his long time partner Zsazsa Padilla confirmed it. Official statement from the hospital confirmed that the cause of his death was complication from pneumonia, COPD and renal failure.

Dolphy was born in Tondo, Manila on July 25, 1928 and started working in theatre in his early age. Among his notable movies were Pacifica Falayfay, Darna Kuno, Jack and Jill, Markova and many others. He also excelled in TV sitcoms and was known for his character as John Puruntong in the long running sitcom John and Marsha and as Kevin Cosme in the successful comedy series Home Along Da Riles.

RIP Mang Dolphy. You will always be remembered.


5 thoughts on “Comedy King Dolphy passed away at 83

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  2. I remember my Lolo telling stories about Dolphy when they were young and living in Tondo. Hindi ko maimagine kung paano sila nagbo-ballroom or disco during those times. Until one time, kasagsagan ng career ni dolphy sa LVM productions, kinukuha nilang extra lolo ko, tas ipapa-gugulphin mga bida. LOL


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