Born for You

It was another blissful day in the life of one of my closest friends, the day of their wedding. Yes another wedding in my circle of friends which for me is another example of an inspirational love story.

I have been one of the witnesses of how their love story come into fruition. At first, one cannot see traces of brewing love story in the two of them as they live their ordinary lives separately. They may be part of the same company and in fact part of the same team but destiny plays a little bit of puzzle game in them. Mark was in a relationship then and Asi was just a simple team member in Mark’s team. But as they say, surprises come in the most uncommon situation when we least expect it. Mark became single while Asi remain single. And in just one instance, the power of love suddenly covered the two and started a great love story which was formally blessed at the altar on their wedding day.

Just like the song Born For You by David Pomeranz, this couple is really born for each other. Quoting some lines from the song;

That I was born for you
It was written in the stars
Yes, I was born for you
And the choice was never ours
It’s as if the powers of the universe
Conspired to make you mine
And til the day I die,
I bless the day that I was born for you

It is really fitted for them because the universe really indeed conspired for them to be with each other. It may be rough at first, it may be blank and clueless at the start, but the stars of the universe aligned for them to meet and fall in love. In fact, they themselves also found out from the Bible, that their names Joseph and Aseneth are name sakes of the biblical characters Joseph and Aseneth from the Book of Genesis which are also married to each other. And that can be an attribution and sign that indeed they are meant for each other, born for each other.

Their wedding is another inspiration, and their love story is another proof that destiny is real. We may have gone through different heart aches and disappointments but when the universe conspired, even if we don’t do something, someone will fall into our hands and make us fly. Someone will come out of the shadow and bring us light. Someone will walk with us during our solitary travel in life. We just need to be faithful, patient and prayerful because there is really someone born for us.


“There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore.” – Nicholas Sparks


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