PNoy’s 3rd SONA; What to Expect and What Should Be Included

On Monday July 23, 2012, President Benigno Simeon Cojuanco Aquino III will again take the stage of congress to address our nation of its current state. Two years in the presidency and 2 previous SONA’s, what should we expect on his 3rd time at the podium? And what should he have to include in this year’s SONA?

The 1st two SONA’s was marked by several tongue lashing and finger pointing of the country’s problems to the previous administration. Several instances in the speech of the president that he blamed the previous government for problems that his government is currently finding solution. But there are also some good news that was announced. Some policies that he encouraged the congress to support for the benefit of our country and people. Several gains also in agriculture were told and its continuing campaign against corruption was also laid.

What to Expect in this year’s SONA?

In this year’s SONA, I expect that the president and his speechwriters will now shy away and refrain from doing the blame game again. They have done it for 2 years, I think that was too much enough, to still resort on that play, when in fact they could have done something in that 2 years to correct those faults. I hope no more mention of “because of Gloria Arroyo” will be heard in congress during this year’s SONA. Another thing, I expect that he report to the country the status of his promises in the last SONA. I remember, in his 1st SONA he laid out plans regarding the Public-Private Partnership programs, but failed to report it’s status on his 2nd SONA. Since it is an opportunity to address the nation of its current state, I think it’s also right time to report and divulge status of his promises. Whether it’s ongoing, it’s aborted or what, people have the right to know how it progressed because that is what he said and what he promised.

What’s nice thing about the past SONA’s is his choice of language. I expect that he will continue to use Filipino in most parts of his speech so that Pinoy’s can easily understand his message. It’s very important that the president is easily understood by the people because in that way he will also enjoy their support. As I say, no matter how good the message is, it will mean nothing if you choose a language that many people cannot easily comprehend.

What Should Be Included?

Since this is his 3rd time to address the nation, I believe this is also the right time to ask the congress to push for some legislation that are of much importance. Bills that are currently pending in both House of Representatives and Senate that needs to be enacted the soonest time possible. President Aquino should encourage the congress to push for the enactment of RH Bill and the Freedom of Information Bill. Two bills that are of great importance to bring changes in the lives of people and changes in the system of our government. RH Bill is in congress for decades and the effects of it being pending is growing. Maternal deaths and cases of teenage pregnancies is adding up and needs to be addressed immediately. He may have openly announced his support for the bill and listed it as one of the priority bills of his administration, but it will take more weight it he will ask the congress during his SONA to make it into a law.

Another one is the FOI Bill or the Freedom of Information Bill. This also one bill that is pending in congress for some time. Another bill which President Aquino announced support during his presidential campaign but until now is not certified as priority bill. He was elected to the presidency because of his campaign against corruption and his crusade for transparency in the government. This is the right time to prove that he’s committed to that promise of making his government transparent to the people.

So, on Monday let us all watch PNoy’s SONA and pay close attention to everything that he will say and report to the nation. Every pronouncements from him will have direct or indirect effects on the future of our nation and our people. Let’s us be involved in pushing for the development of our country, and let us be aware of the plans of the government for our future.



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