Ex-President Arroyo Out on 1M Bail

After several months of being under hospital arrest at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) in V. Luna Quezon City, former President and current Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is now out on bail.

After posting 1 million peso bail for her Electoral Sabotage case in Pasay RTC, Rep. Macapagal-Arroyo was finally released from detention this afternoon. Following the release of Judge Mupas’ order for Arroyo to post bail earlier this morning, his lawyers immediately went to Pasay RTC to pay the prescribed bail amount. Thereafter, the release order signed by Mupas was served in VMMC by the Pasay RTC Court Sherif early this afternoon.

Ruling on allowing Arroyo to post bail came after the court determined that there is no enough evidence to link the ex-president to the electoral sabotage case filed against her. The court said there are no other witnesses that will corroborate the testimony of Maguindanao election officer Unas.

On the other hand, in a interview, COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez said that this cannot be considered as a setback on their case, adding they still believe that the case is strong enough to get a conviction. They are also planning to file a motion for reconsideration but said if they will not get it, there will still be the regular trial where they will show all their evidences and witnesses that will prove their case.

Meanwhile, Rep. Arroyo went straight home at their residence in La Vista Quezon City shortly after receiving her release order at VMMC. She was escorted by a convoy from VMMC to La Vista where some of her supporters are waiting.


2 thoughts on “Ex-President Arroyo Out on 1M Bail

  1. Ay naku, I will recommend your blog to my daughter (14yo). Sigurado updated sya sa current events after reading your posts. he he. Very political mga recent entries mo eh.


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