London Olympics 2012 Officially Open

This year’s edition of the quadrennial games, opened in a star-studded and extravagant opening ceremony in London. The London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony showcased Britain’s richness in literature, music and film. Some notable British artists who graced the opening ceremony were Daniel Craig, Rowan Atkinson, JK Rowling and David Beckham who carried the Olympic flame.

After dances and musical performances from thousand of performer, parade of athlete delegation follows. As usual it started with Greece being the birthplace of the Olympic games then followed by all other participating countries in alphabetical order. Philippine delegation came in 146th with its 11-man athlete delegation and members of the Philippine Olympic committee. Philippine Flag was carried by the country’s bet for the women’s weightlifting Hidilyn Diaz. The host country Great Britain paraded last.

After the parade, it was Queen Elizabeth who declared the Olympics Game London 2012 officially open. It was then followed by the lighting of the cauldron from the Olympic flame carried by Beckham and handed over several torch bearers. They made a special cauldron made of different small torches that binded together to create a big one.

The opening ceremony was ended by classy fireworks display and with the performance of Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles. London 2012 is now officially open. Let’s support our Team Philippine Athletes. And let’s pray that we got that elusive gold medal.


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