PNoy bashes anew, took a swipe on Noli de Castro

At the TV Patrol 25th anniversary last Friday in Manila Hotel, President Benigno Aquino III unleashes again his fierce tongue as he slammed its main achor Noli “Kabayan” De Castro. Speaking in front of the ABS-CBN bosses, TV Patrol’s current and past anchors and reporters and other visitors, he didn’t let the glorious event stop him from bashing what according to him was unbalanced commentary and news reporting.

He may have not mentioned the name of De Castro but every words from his speech cannot be denied that it pertains to Kabayan.

Napaisip nga po ako: ‘yung nagkomento nito, hindi ba’t anim na taon ding tumangan sa renda ng gobyerno? Sabihin na po nating minana lang din nila ang problema; ‘di hamak mas luma naman ang ipinamana nilang problema sa amin.”

Anim na taon ang ipinagkaloob sa kanya para tumulong sa pagsasaayos ng mismong inireklamo niya. Pero ngayon, tayo na nga ang may bitbit na problema, tayo na nga ang tutugon dito, pero masakit nga ho, may gana pang hiritan ng nagpamana?”

Kabayan was the anchor of TV Patrol from the start until he left and enter the government in 2001 to become a Senator and from 2004 – 2010 as Vice President. He went back on board the TV Patrol studio after finishing his term.

During the latter part of his speech, he insisted his call for the media to be balanced in reporting news because it affects the reputation of the country here and abroad. He also apologized for being brutally frank and asked for their understanding.

“Ako po’y pagpasensyahan ninyo kung masyadong prangka nagsalita ngayong gabi. Maganda na ho siguro ‘yung totoo ang sabihin para magkaunawaan tayo nang maliwanag. Muli po, binabati ko ang TV Patrol sa inyong ika-25 kaarawan.”

Meanwhile ABS-CBN Vice President for News and Current Affairs Ging Reyes said the President had the right to free speech.

“Walang bad feelings, walang pikunan at kami’y naniniwala na marami naman din talagang babatikos sa atin dahil di lahat matutuwa sa ating binabalita at nilalabas sa TV Patrol.”


15 thoughts on “PNoy bashes anew, took a swipe on Noli de Castro

    • hehehe. I really like more how ABS-CBN news is conducted during Maria Ressa’a time. I can understand the message of PNoy although yes the forum may be inappropiate and the manners on how it was done. But that’s PNoy eh. We know other occasions when he acted that way. Agree or not he’s still the president and he also have the right to voice his ire on something. 🙂 I miss the Kabayan of the older TV Patrol times. Kasi ngayon parang walang seriousness the news delivery. hehehe.


  1. I did not cast my vote because I had long lost my confidence in our political system until of course p-noy turned out to be the president that our country needed so badly, then I regretted having failed to exercise my right of suffrage. I admire his political stance indeed although it is very apparent that some sectors are turning a blind eye on the good things that he has been doing for the country either due to ignorance of facts or due to their self-serving interests.


    • thanks for reading sir and thanks for the comment. yup indeed he may not be the perfect president (which i doubt if we will have) but there are things that he do that also deserves to be thankful for. but that doesn’t mean also that we should not be critical of him. it should always be balanced, if he does good praise and be thankful, if he did bad then criticize constructively. thanks again sir, hope you frequent this site 🙂


  2. it was only when Noli came back to TV Patrol that the COMMENTING started…the show is supposed to be for news and not opinions/commentaries/editorials…there’s a big difference between news and plain opinions….any Filipino’s opinion is as good as Noli’s so we do not need him to do his commenting during the show…when I watch the news, I want to hear the news and NOT the opinions of a former politician who did no contribute anything to the country when he was in power.


    • yup as i say i missed the former Noli who is very serious in news reporting :-). We’ll that’s up to abs-cbn management to see if indeed it was inappropriate. thanks for reading sir and for the comment 🙂


  3. Hi Rohan88,

    You’re welcome and thanks to you too! Just like any of those past presidents, I agree with you that P-noy is not a perfect president either and just like what you quoted, I, too, am skeptical if ever there will ever be one (please note that there is no such thing as perfect except the word itself). Nevertheless, I cross my fingers as I hope for the realization of what I can now foresee as a “better Philippines” under his leadership. I think it is not a far-cry taking into consideration what is already obvious that P-noy runs the country on the basis of her mother’s self-confessed “only known” qualification – “Sincerity”, and I guess that it is more than enough to get the job done in no time. In other words, no one needs a technocrat to lead a country that is aiming for success. What we need is a sincere leader whose intent is never to sit on power (thus, enabling him or her to enrich himself at the expense of the people ), but instead to make a difference for his country.



  5. In my opinion, our President could have addressed the issue with the network’s executives in a special meeting, not in a special occasion. His slamming is totally uncalled for, especially for such celebration where the purpose is to enjoy and commemorate their 25th anniversary.
    He could have showed a little bit of respect and decorum to the people who invited him… it’s called manners.


    • im also not in favor of presidents’ bashing in public. it’s really an inappropriate place to do that. but we cannot also discount the message of his speech. hope he did it not in a moment of celebration and milestones. 🙂 thanks for visiting the site sir. hope you frequent this site 🙂


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