Mark Barriga finishes his Olympic journey

After winning big in his first fight against the Italian Manuel Cappai and after fueling Filipinos hope for an Olympic medal, lone Filipino Boxer in the on-going London Olympics 2012 Mark Anthony Barriga finally finishes his Olympic journey.

Fighting in the Round of 16 against Kazakhstan’s Birzhan Zhakypov, Barriga wasn’t successful to get the ticket to the Quarterfinals. With 2 warnings given to Barriga in the 3rd round, 2 points was added to the Kazakh boxer that gave him the 1 point edge over our Pinoy Boxer. Total score after 3 rounds was 16-17 in favor of Zhakypov.

On the 1st round Barriga seemed to have a hard time wrecking the defense of the taller Kazakh. The 1st round ended with the score of 4-5 in favor of Zhakypov. Barriga bounced back and throw more punches to win big in the 2nd round at 6-3. During the last round, the warning against Barriga came in which gave his opponent additional points. 3rd round was scored at 6-9 for Kazakhstan who eventually was declared as the winner. The issue on warnings and additional points was immediately protested by Philippine Boxing Team but was later rejected.

With Barriga ending his Olympic journey, hope for Philippines Olympic medal is getting smaller. Only 3 Pinoy Olympians are still yet to compete in London. Let’s support them and still hope and pray for an Olympic medal.


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