Mis-informing the Flock

After President Aquino’s public endorsement of the Responsible Parenthood/Reproductive Health Bill through his 3rd State of the Nation Address, the Hierarchy of the Catholic church with other Anti-RH Bill groups started again their offensives against it. It also came after congress announced that on Tueday August 7, 2012 the controversial bill will be voted on.

Yesterday several Catholic groups and Anti-RH Bill groups gathered in EDSA Shrine to (as they say) call on God to influence the mind of every Senators and Representatives not to vote for the bill. They also denied insinuations that the protest rally was done to pressure members of the congress to vote against the passage of the bill. And based on their statements and arguments it seemed that they are using the art of deception, lies and mis-information for people to back out support for this important bill in congress.

I am fortunate to have personal experience on how the catholic church is giving mis-information to its flock. Last Sunday in the mass that I attended, I personally heard those mis-informations that the priest is relaying to the church goers. At first I never had inklings that the sermon will lead to an Anti-RH remarks. The priest started the homily in a good way. I liked how he relate the scripture readings to his homily, I was even glad that his sermon was very layman in a sense that you can easily understand the point that he wants to implore. But towards the end of his homily, all of a sudden he introduced the topic on RH Bill and started to disseminate wrong information to the people.

He said we should not let this bill pass because those contraceptives are cancerous. He even said condoms can cause cancer because sex should be a skin to skin contact and not rubber to skin. He also said the same thing with contraceptives and even equated it to abortion. He also touches the issue on over-population saying why is Hongkong and Japan two countries who are also populous but are not poor. In my mind, “Hey father, they are already rich countries before their population got bigger, we the Philippines is still a poor country and yet our population is gettitng even double or triple big”. He also said passing this bill will lead to pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancies. he even cited that 9 out of 10 couples whom he interviewed before getting married, were just marrying because the girl is pregnant. Didn’t he get the point on that? He said passing RH Bill will still lead to more teenage pregnancies and pre-marital sex. What the hell inside the church did he get that logic, I think he did not read the provisions of the bill. What confused me more about his statements was that he pointed the fault on the people who keep on doing babied without the capacity to give them bright future. He said couples should learn to know what size of family they can support. In my mind again “Isn’t it the main and true purpose of the RH Bill? To give people right information on how to correctly plan their families. Why are they so afraid to give people a chance to choose? Why are they so afraid for people to be educated on the topic of sex and reproductive health? Why are they so afraid to give people right access to information in terms of responsible parenthood and reproductive health”. On that moment I really wanted to walk-out of the church, but I thought I am accountable not to that priest but to God so I just let him finished his sermon and prayed that people who are inside the church are mature enough to know and discern what are true facts against mis-informations.

That was not the only experience I had when it comes to their deceiving tactics. Several masses I attended that they disseminate the same mis-informations to the people in the efforts to lessen people’s support for the bill. But I think there are more mature Catholics who are compassionate about the needs of less fortunate Filipinos needed greater access to reproductive health services. There are more mature Catholics who know that faith is not only about plain and blindly following what the Bishops and priests are saying. And I believe church is seeing this big support of the people for this bill that’s why they’re resorting to this kind of spreading lies and mis-information in the hope that people will back-out.

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8 thoughts on “Mis-informing the Flock

  1. hi bro,,, lahat ng sinabi ni father sa homily niya ay totoo… sana din inalam mo muna ang side ng mga Catholic bago ka magpost ng ganito. Nirerespeto kita sa desisyon mo pero parang nakakalungkot naman yung sinabi mo sa pari,,, they are anointed by God to spread good news… hindi sila gumagawa lang ng kwento…. Kung sana nandun ka lang sa EDSA kahapon ay narinig mo ang katotohanan. Galing na iyon sa mga kilalang doctor. Madaming solusyon para umunlad ang Pilipinas pero hindi ang bill na ito… Pasensya na kung nagkomento ako…. I once convince with the RH BILL but God help me to realize everything…. Oo may magandang point ang RH BILL pero katulad ng paggamit ng contraceptive at condom para hindi dumami ang populasyon ay hindi tama at hindi dapat ipasa…


    • uy sir. thanks sa pag-comment. πŸ™‚ yup i respect also your view about this issue and yes I did research about condom being cancerous and i didn’t see one that directly connect condom in cancer. maybe i missed it but if that’s the case why is the Pope considered it to allow for sex workers? I am not against the Catholic church in general but to those who are trying to mis-inform the people with equating the RH Bill into abortion and cancer. I have read the bill many times over and i cannot really accept argument that it allows abortion when in fact abortion is illegal in our country. Another point, why are the Jesuit priest like supporting it, does that mean they are using different dogma and doctrine compared to other priest. The only purpose of the bill it to allow poor families access to proper information regarding reproductive health, why can’t we allow to give it to them? hehehe. anyways we can always agree to disagree. thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚


      • di ko din masasagot ung regarding sa jesuits kasi di ko alam ung. sana ibang bill nalang ang ginawa nila,,, i understand you na concern ka lang sa iba. Regarding sa abortion kasi kung maaprobahan ung bill magiging madali nalang ang contraceptives and pills na mabili at magiging dahilan ito ng PMS(premarital sex) tapos siyempre pag may nabuo ayun na… gagamit na ng gamot para mapalaglag. ganun ung tinutukoy niya. pasensya na ha…. gusto ko lang kasi malinaw ung side namin… thnx


        • ah ok pero diba we still have anti-abortion law. and every contraceptives that will be accessible sa mga tao ay regulated ng FDA? so i dont think magiging ganun yung case. tsaka pre, rh bill contains sex education provisions sa mga schools. at dahil dun matuturuan ang mga bata regarding sa effects at consequences ng maagang sex. siguro naman hindi lingid sa kaalaman mo na maraming magulang ang hindi open sa topic na yan at mas marami din ang magulang na hindi rin equipped sa sapat na kaalaman tungkol dyan lalo na yung mga mahihirap na hindi nabigyan ng pagkakataon na magkapagaral din. tsaka hindi rin naman yata tama na isipin na dahil magkakaron ng access sa condom at contraceptives ay dadagsa ang mga kabataan na basta basta na lang magsesex. may mga implementing rules pa naman yung bill at kasama dun kung paano maaaccess ang mga contraceptives at condoms. tsaka ngayon naman meron na sa market diba kung gusto talaga ng mga kabataan na mag-engage sa sex gagawin nila yun kasi magkano lang naman ang condom, sa mga convenient stores available sya. kung talagang labag ito sa simbahan bakit nananatili sya sa mga tindahan? gaya nga ng matagal nang ipinaglalaban ng mga pro-rh, ito ay karapatan sa pagpili ng paraan sa pagpaplano ng pamilya na naayon sa nababagay sa kanila. anyways pre sabi ko nga we can always agree to disagree. πŸ™‚ thanks ulit sa pagcomment πŸ™‚


  2. This is something very common with the Anti-RH bill church fanatics. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a devout Catholic, but some of the religious fanatics are just downright uninformed on their biases against the RH bill. So many religious leaders and priests have talked to me and tried to convince me to join the rallies against the RH bill, and yet when I ask them if they ever read the actual bill… well, they never did.

    Another thing I always adhere to as well is that I never preach what I cannot practice. There have been religious leaders preaching against the RH bill whom I know are guilty of indulging in premarital sex and using contraceptives, and I just find them big hypocrites by preaching something they themselves cannot practice.

    Lastly, the Church can complain against the RH bill all they want, but until the time that they can produce an alternative solution to tackle our overpopulation problem, they are just firing blank shells and they’re causing more harm than good.


    • thanks for reading and for commenting sir. nice points. yup i agree with “do not preach what you do not practice” that also goes with anti-rhbill supporters who are known patrons of condoms and contraceptives. :-). thanks again for visiting the site sir :-). God Bless πŸ™‚


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