Manila floods top topic on Twitter

Filipinos are known to be social media fanatics. May it be in Facebook or Twitter, Filipinos can always make a way to show their presence. And with the current flooding and heavy rains being experienced in several parts of Luzon especially in Metro Manila, Pinoys once again turned to social media to share their sentiments, encouragements and to ask help for those who are mostly affected.

The hashtag #rescuePH became one of the trending Twitter topics in the Philippines used by many twitter users to ask for help and rescues.

Different people, from celebrities, government officials and ordinary netizens used twitter and the hashtag #rescuePH to ask for help and to inform responsible agencies for relief and rescue needs.

Meanwhile another twitter topic related to Manila floods have made it not only at the top of Philippines’ trends but also as one of the top 10 trending topics worldwide. People relates the bible story of Noah’s Ark and flooding of the world to the current flooding being experienced in the country, because it coincides with its bible verse Genesis 8:7-12 to today’s date of 8-7-12. Genesis 8:7-12 became top trending topic in the Philippines and one of the 10 trending topics in the world as twitter users kept on talking about its relation and coincidence. Below are some of the people who tweeted about Genesis 8:7-12.


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