Daniel Caluag unable to qualify for the Semifinal Round

Along with Pinoy boxer Mark Anthony Barriga, BMX Cyclist Daniel Caluag was also a source of hope to get an Olympic medal. Considering his good credentials in the world of BMX Cycling, Filipino sports and Olympics enthusiast placed their hopes in Caluag to enter the medal round and to possible snatch an Olympic medal which became elusive since the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

But it seemed that London 2012 is not yet the time for the Fil-Am cyclist as he was unsuccessful to move to the next round of the BMX Cycling competition. After 5 runs, Caluag finished last among all the bikers in the Heat 3. That Heat 3 was topped by New Zealand’s Marc Willers who was 1st place in both Run 1 and Run 3. And based on total points after all the Heats, Daniel Caluag finished at Rank 19 same with Italy’s Manuel de Vecchi with 29 total points.

With that, Philippine Olympic team ended its London 2012 campaign. They may be going home without medals, but the efforts and character that they’ve shown during their stint in the London Olympics is still worthy of our praise and admiration. Our 11-man Philippine Olympic team did their best and fought hard to give their best in all their respective events. But cliche it may be, it’s a game and in every game there are winners and non-winners. But not winning this time doesn’t mean no win at all. Four years from now and Rio 2016 will open and that will be a great opportunity again to showcase the talents and skills of our athletes. Let’s just hope and pray that by that time, government will have enough funding for the trainings of our athletes. And that there will be more support in future qualifying tournaments so that we can send more athletes in the next Olympics.

Congrats Team Philippines! You still made us proud. See you in Rio 2016.


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