USA won the gold (London 2012 Men’s Basketball)

London Olympics 2012 Men’s Basketball finals is like just the ordinary NBA finals. With both teams led by NBA superstars, watching it, is akin to watching an NBA finals. NBA superstars Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James led the USA squad while Spain have the NBA siblings Pau and Marc Gasol with Rudy Fernandez.

It was a close game from the start. USA led 8 points in the 1st quarter at 35-27. During the end of the first half Spain get more closer and cut the lead to a point at 59-58. Spain even outscored USA in 2nd quarter, scoring 31 over USA’s 24.

At the 7 minute mark of the 3rd quarter, Spain managed to took the lead from USA with 65-64 score. USA got back to tie the ball game at 68 all on the 5 minute mark. 3rd quarter ends with USA again leading by a point at 83-82.

USA started to pull away at the start of the 4th quarter taking the lead of 6 points at 90-84. But Spain continued to work on their offense and didn’t let USA to pull away farther. But it seemed USA reserved all their energy in the fourth as they managed to pull away towards the latter part leading Spain by 9. They’ve maintained their lead towards the end, although there are several stops by Spain which brought down the lead back to 6. But USA prevailed and won the game to get the gold medal in this year’s Men’s Basketball at 107-100. Spain took the Silver and Russia settled for the Bronze medal.


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