Robert Blair Carabuena caught mauling an MMDA enforcer

The video was accidentally caught by the camera of a news crew from one of the country’s TV networks. They were able to capture how the man who was later identified as Robert Blair Carabuena, a Supervisor at Philip Morris International, attacked the MMDA enforcer who apprehended him for violating traffic rules.

Further research of Carabuena’s profile revealed that he is an experienced Recruitment Executive who graduated from Ateneo de Manila University. He currently holds Supervisor Resourcing position at Philip Morris International and  was a former HR Recruiter in West Contact Services (a Telecom Company) and Consultant at ZMG Signium Ward Howell.

After the incident, the mauled MMDA Enforcer Saturnino Fabros was interviewed saying he was just performing his duty and was not expecting to experience what Carabuena did to him. Because of the incident he wants to get justice by filing a case against Carabuena. An according to reports MMDA officials will be assisting Fabros in filling the case against Carabuena.


17 thoughts on “Robert Blair Carabuena caught mauling an MMDA enforcer

  1. I just hope that justice will prevail.. and people will not be tempted with money.. 😦 Im feel so sorry to this MMDA enforcer. but more to Carabuena.. to think, he’s professional but he acted like walang pinag-aralan.


  2. I think this guy is obviously under a lot of pressure… Perhaps working under Philip Morris in a time like this when there is the incoming SIN tax law puts Cigarette companies under a lot of pressure…


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  4. His name should be Robert “Blair Witch” Carabuena. Actually malala pa sa aswang ang ugali nito. Nicotine overload siguro ang dahilan LOL. His Volvo would not impress any one kasi pinakita pa na ganyan ang itsura at ugali. POGI POINTS: Negative zero! Sorry, I don’t usually comment on looks pero kasi kainis talaga itong si Blair Witch!


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