“Kidnapped” Rolito Go now back in prison

After his disappearance in the National Bilibid Prison last Tuesday, prisoner Rolito Go is now back in the custody of the authorities. In his press conference, Go detailed that he along with his nephew were kidnapped by people who introduced themselves as NBI agents inside the NBP compound.

Go was discovered missing Tuesday night upon the usual head counting of the inmates in NBP. Go stays in the minimum security compound after serving 18 years of his sentence for killing the engineering student Eldon Maguan in a road rage incident in 1991. He was last seen at the Ina ng Awa chapel where he constantly go to dress and clean his colostomy bag.

Bureau of Corrections’ initial theory was, Go escaped and not kidnapped. BuCor Chief Gaudencio Pangilinan said in an interview in DZMM “Isang theory na sinusundan namin ay maaaring pumuslit yan at gumawa ng scenario”. But the family of Rolito Go insist that he along with his nurse-nephew Clemence Yu were kidnapped and that ramsom money of 1 million pesos has been asked for.

After a day of being “abducted”, PNP announce that the missing convict Rolito Go is now under the custody of the PNP Anti-Kidnapping Group in Camp Crame. PNP Chief Gen. Nicanor Bartolome himself presented Go in a press conference this morning.

Go on his part insisted that he and his nephew were kidnapped. He said “How can I leave when I’m under treatment”. Go is suffering from colon cancer and he even showed his colostomy bag to the media in the presscon. PNP Chief said they will continue with their investigation into this alleged kidnapping of Rolito Go and his nephew. And that investigators were already on the final stage of completing the computerized sketch of their kidnappers.


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