Miss China Wen Xia Yu is Miss World 2012

From the 116 contestants around the world, this year’s judges for the Miss World 2012 have chosen the host country’s representative Wen Xia Yu to be crowned as the new Miss World.

In tonight’s pageant held in Ordos Inner Mongolia, China, Miss China bested the other 115 ladies to get the crown of Miss World. Runners-Up for the crown were Sophie Moulds (Miss Wales), 1st runner-up  and Jessica Kahawaty (Miss Australia), 2nd runner-up. Completing the top 7 were; Miss Brazil, Miss India, Miss Jamaica, and Miss South Sudan.

Meanwhile Philippines bet Queneerich Rehman was lucky to be part of the top 15 semifinals. She was an early favorite for the crown and wowed the Miss World audience during the Talent Presentation when she did a beat boxing performance.

Complete list of top 15 was:

7.South Sudan

3 thoughts on “Miss China Wen Xia Yu is Miss World 2012

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  2. I’m not a fan of People’s Republic of China, this is the second time China has won Miss World . In 2007 China won and in 2012. Personally I think that Miss China lacks of intelligence and not exactly bright. Miss China was 4th runner up in the Miss Universe pageant 2011. I think Miss South Sudan should have won , or either Miss Angola.


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