Pinoy Netizens mourn the death of Sec. Robredo

After confirmation of his death early this morning, Pinoy’s went on Twitter to share their messages of condolence and gratefulness for the deceased DILG Secretary. Ordinary people, celebrities, and politician (both allies and non-allies) all gave their messages of thanks and admiration to the legacy of Sec. Jesse Robredo.

The phrase RIP Sec evenbecame one of the trending topics on Twitter Philippines. Naga City which is his hometown also trended. His remains was immediately flew in to Naga after retrieval from Masbate.

This only shows how inspiring the life that Sec. Jesse Robredo lived. His legacy of a humble lifestyle and advocacy for good governance will always be remembered. May that example be used by the current and future leaders of our country.


5 thoughts on “Pinoy Netizens mourn the death of Sec. Robredo

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