Dead body of Robredo’s pilot retrieved today

One day after the body of DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo was retrieved from the plane wreckage under the sea of Masbate, another dead body was also recovered today.

At about 7pm today, reports confirmed that one of the plane’s pilots Captain Jessup Bahinting’s dead body was the one already retrieved and re-surfaced. The pilot’s body was found inside the cockpit of the wreckage hundreds of feet below.

Captain Bahinting’s brother Orson in an interview with TV patrol confirmed that the body found was his brother’s. Based on the shirt and the watch wore by the dead, they’ve recognized that it was the indeed body of the Captain Jessup Bahinting.

Meanwhile, the Nepalese co-pilot Kshitiz Chand was yet to be found. After finding Bahinting’s body and re-surfacing the wrecked plane, the body of  the Nepalese pilot was still missing as it was not present inside the plane.

That leads to another search and retrieval plans for the authorities. They will going to start again from scratch to find the missing body of the co-pilot. But they have assured the family of the Nepalese pilot that the search and retrieval operations will continue and will not stop until the body is found. Divers from the government and volunteer divers will resume their operations tomorrow to search and retrieve the final missing body.


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