Sotto’s last speech found translated

After being “cyber-bullied” for his plagiarist speech against RH Bill, Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III is still not yet free from social media critics.

During today’s last part of his Turno En Contra speech against RH Bill, Sotto proudly announced his use of Filipino language to erase any doubts that it will be a plagiarized piece again. But to his dismay, critics found again yet another bullet against him.

Parts of his Tagalog speech today was found to be just a translation of a speech delivered by US Senator Robert F. Kennedy. Critics in social media immediately shared disappointments with Sotto for this new blunder.

Moments after this translation circulated the internet, netizens created their own versions of popular English songs and phrases translated to Tagalog and attributed to the hashtag #Sinotto.

Rexy Jolly@rexyjolly
“Hoy, kakikilala pa lamang natin. At ito’y kabaliwan, pero heto ang aking bilang. Tawagan mo ako, siguro.” #sinotto

@samoh995 Hindi ‘yan tungkol sa pera, pera, pera, Hindi natin kailangan ng pera, pera, pera… #Sinotto

Professional Heckler@HecklerForever
MOVIE: Crazy, Stupid, Love – Sira-Ulo, Sotto, Ayaw Ko Nga. #Sinotto

Professional Heckler@HecklerForever
“Hoy nakilala lang kita! Nakakaloka! Heto ang numero ko… tawag ka siguro!” –Carly Rae Jepsen-Sotto (Tawag Ka Siguro) #Sinotto

Si Tandang McDonald may bukid, heeya heeya hooo. #Sinotto

Meanwhile, asked by Senate Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada if his Turno en Contra speech was plagiarized, Sotto said no. He even said that the part which is currently being pointed as traslation of Kennedy speech was a text message he received from a friend to which he translated to Tagalog.


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