Ronald Gadayan …Gem of Honesty

This is the 4th poem from Mr. Villalobos. It’s about the airport janitor, Ronald Gadayan who surrendered large amount of money he found in airport. This proved that honesty and integrity cannot be compromised by large sum of money, even though that their family is in need of it.

Ronald Gadayan
…Gem of Honesty
By Apolinario B. Villalobos

For someone in need of money,
To earn by dint of hard work
Should be the chosen way,
But those who find it not easy
To be diligent in all they do,
Find it hard to firmly say “no”.

In the world we have today,
Seldom can there be found
Those with heart that still beat
With love, good morals and ethics,
But not a certain Ronald Gadayan –
Many times proven – an honest man !

Labored to earn since age seventeen,
All that Ronald wanted, then
Was help his mother honestly earn,
For he saw her sacrifice for all their sake,
From morn till night – a sight
That until now, he can’t forget.

Waking up, to God, he fervently prays
To give him strength and he, be safe
Also his wife, his kids, the three of them
Be well, healthy and from danger spared,
Simple prayer from Ronald’s heart –
With all sincerity, and humbly said.


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