Pinoy Netizens took social media sites to protest Anti Cyber Crime Law

With the apparent implementation of RA10175 or the Anti Cyber Crime Law tomorrow October 3, 2012, Filipino netizens took Twitter and Facebook to voice out their protest against the implementation of the law.

Bloggers, celebrities, present and past government officials, journalists and media practitioners and ordinary people vent on twitter to join the call for the revision of the Anti Cybercrime Law. The hastag #NoToCyberCrimeLaw even made to number 2 spot in Twitter Philippines’ trending topics. The hashtag was used by people in twitterverse to share their opinions and opposition against the said law.

Facebook was also used by Pinoys to show their opposition against the law as many have changed their profile pictures into plain black square.

Below are some of what netizens have to say about Anti Cybercrime Law.

Jake Idris Codeniera@FakeJakeShakes
Another interesting thought on cybercrime: How abt the kids? Will DSWD take custody of them like any juvenile deliquent? #NoToCyberCrimeLaw

Racky Amarande@rackyamarande
What’s left for the Filipinos to talk about now are rainbows, unicorns, sugar, spice and everything nice. Very productive #NoToCyberCrimeLaw

Alyssa Dupan@alyssaaur
“There’s a BIG reason why the U.N. declared internet access and freedom of online expression a basic human right. #NoToCyberCrimeLaw

Freedom of expression oppression, this is where your taxes go. Censorship, more fun in the Philippines, #NoToCyberCrimeLaw

We helped stop the SOPA and PIPA before. We can also stop the #CybercrimeLaw #NoToCybercrimeLaw

Dr.Jose P.Rizal @tweetnirizal
There will be No Rest,there will be No Peace. Freedom of Speech is DEAD in the Philippines. #cybercrimelaw

@GoYoLarrazabal: the cybercrime law is a BAD, BAD law. Whatever happened to “Complete Staff Work”???

Professional Heckler@HecklerForever
We will not be SILENCED. Never again.

No TRO from SC

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court failed to vote today for the issuance of TRO as petitioned by different groups against this new law. That means implementation of RA10175 or the Anti Cybercrime Law will push through as scheduled tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Pinoy Netizens took social media sites to protest Anti Cyber Crime Law

  1. I think Cybercrime Law is needed to those irresponsible and abusive online users esp the cyberbullies, bashers, cybersex prostitutes, hackers and cybercriminals. However, the problem we encountered here is how we react on the messages which is not true plus the possible Martial Law through online and the fact that we dont have the right to the freedom of expression. My stand there is 50/50, we can implement this law responsibly.


    • i will agree with you that indeed cybercrime law is needed for those cases mentioned but with online libel i think not. that is very vulnerable to abuse especially from those powerful people. if they can do their way in traditional media, it will be much easy to do it in online media.


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