Jugs and Teddy’s Gangnam Style version, a hit

In their production number for the celebration of It’s Showtime’s 3rd anniversary, the rock en roll duo Teddy Corpuz and Jugs Jugueta amazed their audience with their own version of Oppa Gangnam Style.

Titled as Epal Ang ‘Yong Style, the comic rock duo performed to the delight of Showtime audience and their respected hurados; Eula Valdez, Angge, Alfie Lorenzo, Jericho Rosales and Ms. Maricel Soriano.

Their performance was well received as madlang people scored them with perfect 10. They also managed to get the audience up with their feet and joined the Epal ang yong style dance moves. Their performance was also highlighted by the inclusion of sexy actress Kristine Reyes, kid wonder Bugoy Cariño, 24K girls, Sex Bomb Dancers and Showtime’s very own Dumbo who added to the delight of the audience.

At the end of their performance, an emotional Teddy Corpuz shared his happiness over the madlang people and hurados’ reception of their prod number. He commended Jugs for giving it all out for their performance.

It’s really enjoyable to see how showtime and it’s hosts evolved from just a talent contest to a noon-time variety show. They may not be able to topple their competitor yet, but having Showtime in the noon-time slot is a welcome refreshment from the usual noon-time show we enjoyed for decades.


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