Pre-Halloween experience at Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Last weekend, me and my 2 friends went on a joy ride to Laguna and Quezon Province. It was sunny morning when we depart from Manila down south. We trailed the South Luzon Expressway then Maharlika Highway up to San Pablo City. It was on that area that the weather started to become gloomy. And we’re not mistaken as it started to drizzle until we reach Nagcarlan, Laguna. Because it was their first time in the area, I told them to drop by the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery which is just along the highway.

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery is the only underground public cemetery in the country making it unique and worthy to visit. It has been declared as National Historical Landmark on July 11, 1978 by the National Historical Institute through Presidential Decree 1505. The underground cemetery is believed to be used by the Katipuneros in 1986 as their meeting place thus earning it the historical landmark. The NUC is a walled area with large beautifully managed lawn inside. There is also a small church inside used before for the final blessing of the dead before laying them to the tombs located under it. The tombs are located 15 feet under the chapel and there are more or less 30 tombs available there. The tombs are is lighted by small incandescent bulbs which makes it more dramatic. While other confined places are hot the underground cemetery is cold.

Since it was tourist destination, photo ops will not be forgotten especially that the 3 of us are all photography enthusiasts. So we let our cameras out and click every great spots in the area. NUC is a great subject because of its nice architecture and view. After taking numerous photos, we decided to leave the place to go to our next destination. After we got home, we reviewed our shots and to our surprise we saw something on some of the pictures we took.

And that made our trip memorable. We never expected that we will caught something like that on cam. Although there are really stories of ghost sightings on the NUC according to my family, we never expected to experience it first hand. And that really made our trip more fun.

So if you also want to experience Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, it is open from Tuesday-Sunday 8:00am to 4:00pm and the good thing is it’s free. There are no entrance fee so you can visit it anytime you want.


5 thoughts on “Pre-Halloween experience at Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

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    • thanks for visiting. 🙂 i also don’t know if its a ghost or what element but once thing i can assure you, those encircled things were not present there when we took the photo 🙂


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