Arabela, a delighful escape from the Metro

Liliw, Laguna is well-known for its beautiful and affordable tsinelas. Their tsinelas industry gave them the name in the footwear industry of the Philippines. And with that strong tsinelas market, Liliw Tsinelas Festival became a yearly celebration in the town during the month of April.

But Liliw is not only about tsinelas, shoes or sandals, they also have a small but terrible treasure worthy to be discovered especially by the foodies.

If you’re saturated with all the restos in the Metro and you want something new, why not try heading south to Liliw, Laguna. There you can enjoy footwear shopping plus enjoy the best food Liliw can offer. Just along the busy street of Gat Tayaw where all footwear stores are located, a small cafe is silently sitting on the corner; Arabela.

Arabela, Camello’s Bakehaus and Coffe Shop is a small restaurant offering great food you will never forget. The first time I’ve tasted their menu, I already loved it. Their menu is mainly Italian cuisine offering different kinds of pasta and pizza dishes. Since they are also bake house and coffee shop, different tasty desserts of cakes and pastries are also available.


What I always order whenever I visit Arabela is their Grilled Porkchop. The meat is so tender and nicely done. It is served with mixed vegetables and a choice of rice or mashed potato.

During our last visit my friends ordered Grilled Pink Salmon and Grilled Chicken on Alfredo Sauce which they also liked so much. Not to mention the affordability of its price.

And for the dessert we shared the very delicious cake which unfortunately i forgot the name. Thanks to my friend who texted the name of the cake, it’s Dulce de Leche Cheesecake. That’s a sign how delicious it is, you will forget not only your name but the name of the cake. hahaha. Kidding aside, you will love not only this cake but all of their desserts.

Another nice thing about Arabela which makes me come back is their free lemon water. So to those who are not into sodas or ice teas, their free lemon water is a very much great alternative. Given the fact also that it’s free, so no need to worry for the budget on drinks. As they say great things in life are free, so indulge with their free lemon water.


So if you want to experience also what Arabela can offer, just visit them at Rizal St. Liliw, Laguna. They are open every Tuesday – Sunday 11:15am to 7:pm. and on Holidays except Monday. You can also contact them at their telephone number (049)-563-2495.


5 thoughts on “Arabela, a delighful escape from the Metro

  1. I’ve been to Liliw, a couple of months ago. Sayang hindi ko napuntahan yang Arabela. Next time I’ll be visit some friends there, tiyak I’ll drop by the place. BTW, every weekend, nasa Victoria, Laguna ako.


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