Kennedy speaks, Sotto plagiarized

Just when we taught that people have forgotten and that the issue of Sotto’s plagiarism has died, think again because it has resurrected.

After several straight denials of him plagiarizing the works of several writers, blogger and a former Senator of the United States, Sen. Vicente Sotto III is again in hot water. This is after the President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and daughter herself of the former Senator Robert F. Kennedy had accused Sotto of plagiarizing the speech of his father.

Kerry Kennedy said Sotto “flagrantly and deceptively plagiarized” his father’s 1966 Day of Affirmation speech during Sotto’s privilege speech last September 5, 2012.

“Senator Sotto claimed that because he receited my father’s speech in Tagalog, rather than English, the words are his alone. This is an argument that has no ethical merit” Kennedy said.

She also directly accused Sotto of plagiarism and asked him to apologized for using his father’s words without proper attribution.

“This is a clear case of plagiarism, and it is my understanding that Senator Sottohas committed similar act of plagiarism against series of American writers and speakers. I urge that he apologize for his unethical, unsanctioned theft of Robert Kennedy’s intellectual property and the intellectual property of all those whose work he has plagiarized” – Kerry Kennedy on her statement.

With this development, I wonder how Sotto will react on this one. Will there be another privilege speech containing accusations of cyber bullying again? Will it be another case of outright denial and justification of his acts? Let’s just wait for the developments as there are already cases under the Senate Ethics Committee that will be heard next week.


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