The search is over, it’s Mike D’Antoni

After firing Mike Brown and giving Lakers fans some excitement and thrill over the possible comeback of its former head coach Phil Jackson, the Lakers management have already found it’s new head coach in the person of another Mike, Mike D’Antoni.

It was Warren LeGarie, D’Antoni’s agent who confirmed the deal between him and the Lakers management. D’Antoni signed a four-year contract with the Lakers and is expected to join the team later this week.

Mike D’Antoni’s hiring came after negotiations with former Lakers coach Phil Jackson didn’t push through. D’Antoni was a former NBA coach of the year in 2005 after leading the Phoenix Suns 62-20 win-loss record. His last coaching duty was with the New York Knicks last year where he led them to the playoffs.

It will be nice to see him reunited with his former player Steve Nash and will also be exciting to watch how he will going to utilize the powers of Lakers superstars Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol.


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