5K conquered at the Run United Philippine Marathon

After several attempts at the Run United series that didn’t pushed through, I finally experienced my first at the Run United Philippine Marathon last October 28, 2012. Going to MOA where the marathon was held was marked with excitement as this will be my first not only at the Run United by also my first 5K run.

Am not sure how long I can make it, but I am sure that no matter what I will be and should have to finish it.

I started a couple of minutes late from the gun start since I went all the way from Cavite. I run on a moderate phase since it was my first time to run in 5K.

After 500 meters I slowed down and started to walk to give my legs and feet some rest. Then after several minutes of walking I started to run again until I reached the 2 kilometer mark. After that I slowed down again and started to walk. That became my routine towards the end, run and walk every time I reached the lap marker.

I finished the run at 00:40:53 (chip time) and do some stretching to cool down. Right after that I went straight to the redemption booths of the freebies where I got to take home 2 bottle of drinks and the RUPM commemorative bag with some complimentary Unilab medicines inside.

RUPM became more fun because of the Active Health Village. There inside are different booths where you can get to take some products for free. Photo booths are also located inside the village and a concert stage where 6 Cyclemind and Sponge Cola performed.

It was indeed a fun experience for me with the benefits of exercise. Running is truly one workout that will target many parts of your body and you will really feel its effects immediately as I felt it working on my abdominal section, the arms and legs. And because of this experience I will be looking forward to the next Run United series next year.

“Remember the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.” -Sarah Condor


8 thoughts on “5K conquered at the Run United Philippine Marathon

  1. Looking good Rojan! Shocks yan ang hindi ko nagawa bago ako umalis. Kakainis talaga. I was so close to joining one when I had to fly here.

    Congratulations on finishing it. If I’m not mistaken my friends were there too. 😀


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